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Originally Posted by tcarey View Post
Don't forget about a good fitting boot even more important than the ski itself!


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Anyone make it to Killington? I think I may go on Friday
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I was there on SundAY it was worth going up for sure. No night life on Saturday but pretty good snow
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Hello all,

Just moved to Richmond VT this past September, and picked up a season pass to Sugarbush. This will be my first season of Vermont snow, having come from the catskills region of NY. I look forward to future meet and ski days with some of you!

All we have to do now is pray to Ullr to work his magic
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It should be covered with snow by now!
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Anyone skiing The Bush the weekend of the 8th?

Weekend after that?
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weekend after is probable for me. We might be staying there too
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Originally Posted by Cgrandy View Post

I'm still down here outside of Brattleboro\

Still patrol at Mt. Snow

Bought a condo at Mt Snow last year and loving it
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Whoops... Looks like someone won 3 tickets to Smuggs at the screening of Warren Miller's Children Of Winter last saturday night.

Guess i'm going to Smuggs the weekend after the 8th
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Hey it's been a little while from my last post...I busted my knee up a little bit but I've been working my way back into it. Hit up killington a few times in the last two weeks, including sunday...with 7 inches of pow in the tree's. I have a pass for killington and I was looking for someone to help me out during the week. My technique is weak...I can handle the steeps and tree's but i'm not confident. Anyone down to help me out?

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Hey Oboe - There's a girl bear up near Jay, likes the trees. I forget her name?
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