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Goal 1 - Be in shape for the season. Last year I wasn't in shape for skiing for the first time in years and I really paid.

Goal 2 - Ski more than last year. Last season was a dismal season with the draught out west. I was aiming for 80 days and only got in 47.

Goal 3 - Land a 360 for the first time in 20+ years.
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Rio, just toss it...the movement hasn't changed!
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20 days.
get better.
hit the tougher terrain at baldy.
vail in march w/SCSA as my tour guide.
bigger air.
move from "intermediate" to "advanced."
ski in may. <FONT size="1">

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Gonz, make sure you also try the Crossmax 10 Pilot. Quicker than the Scream, better edgehold also.
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My main goal for this season is to ski in Western Canada for the very first time! Of course, I would like to make it to Fernie and ski deep powder with the Bears. That would sooooo nice.

My second goal is to stay away from injuries. Right now I have a slight groin injury from doing stupid things on in-line skates. When am I going to learn to act like a 39 year-old?

My third goal involves ski technique. Yep, I want some!
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Find a pair of last years 10.20's in new england,go faster thru crud and not knock down my ski buddy again!
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