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Goals for the season

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To stay off my tush! To keep my stepson out of the "ugly" as some Copper instructors probably now put it. And to get get my step daughter to turn instead of performing the chinese downhill on every run.

nuff said
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I've got a few goals that I want to accomplish this season. I want to complete last years goal of dropping an 80 footer. I want to get more proficient at riding out my cliffs instead of bomb holing them all. I want to practice my steep skiing, specifically by straight lining my way out of the palisades at Sugarbowl. I'm not sure if its possible but if it is I plan to do it.

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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Easy.... survive one more season!
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Stra8line the palisades uh, good luck!If i didnt have a pass at the Wood ,Sugar Bowl would be my choice.Pow days at the Bowl rule,tons of drops to be had ,daammm i cant wait for snow!
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To shut up and ski at least some of the time!
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To ski both upper & lower antelope at Mad River.
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To spend more time actually skiing. (I say this every year)
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Excellent question. I'm enjoying reading others' responses.

I'm only a 2nd year skier, so my goals aren't as lofty as many of yours are:

1. Get into much better physical condition prior to the season. For the last 3 weeks I've lost 2 pounds per week. If I can keep this up, I'll be down to my high school weight by Thanksgiving. I'm 34 years old now.

2. Ski at least 3 days per week. I just got my weekday-only Snowbird pass.

3. Learn how to ski bumps to the point that I can get down any black diamond in one piece.

Reverend Poppy
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70days+...with some *1st_tracks* days by way of snowcat up Sugarloaf & BarkerMtn.
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and...place top 3 in states

"There are trails with signs, and there are those with out...Which trail will you chose?"
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Break the 100 pts barrier in GS
Get to around 120 in SL
Do the above without ending the season prematurely


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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The Reverend just reminded of my promise to myself...... bumps.

I need a bump clinic bad. Avoided them for a long time now due to a bad hip and torn rotator.

I tried a few mild runs at the end of last season that didn't go too bad but the Killington canyons in May were a disaster.
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Bump Clinic.. I highly recommend 'Mogul Logic'. They usually do a clinic at Killinton at the end of the season. If not, they also do a weekend clinic at Winter Park during the season.

Of course, they also do the summer ski camps at Whistler.

My goal - get REALLY good at bumps. So far, I have shown 'flashes of brilliance', but no consistency. Ideally, I would love to be able to compete at the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge and do okay (I am 32 and have only been skiing about 5 years)

Also - tree skiing. Gotta ski Julio without falling
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Pierre eh:

Ouch.... that's another thing on my gotta do list.... get a good fit. Beds helped but I need a bit more forward action.

Out instructor planning day is at Shawnee on Oct 27....... not too much longer now!
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To become a Shred Betty, find the ex then pound him into submission at Chinese Downhill...oh, wait, did you want an actual goal..?! Darn. Can I get back to you on that?


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!

<FONT size="1">

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LOL, damn Lisakaz...
you are an ANGRY woman.

BTW, what historical period is your specialty?<FONT size="1">

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Lisak, perhaps instead of living in Manville, you could find a StudlyYetSensitive6FigureEarningStraightSingleMale ville to live in. I don't know if there is one in Jersey, though.
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Shred Betty? I'm jealous! Don't think Im even close.
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100+ days.
Become level I examiner for PSIA Northern Rocky Mountain.
Keep my new ski school in the black.
NOT blow my shoulder apart in the park.
Start sticking multiple rotation moves in the park. (see the above goal)
Pass the Trainer's Accred. exam in PSIA Rocky Mountain.
Find my old buddy Lucky RYO and beat his a## for not contacting me. (Snowkarver you can tell him I said that!)

Spag's quote of the day:
"I'm a loser baby... so why don't you kill me?"
- Beck -
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Hmmm... goals for the season?

First, being able to afford to ski this season at all, with the downturn in the market affecting my employer. Not to mention the "kid in college" expense. With the "better make sure people know your job is critical" mindset kicking in, long weekends for skiing, leaving early Fridays, and just generally affording the trips won't be easy.

Second (though LM won't believe this for a moment) try to get into better/lighter (ok less heavy) shape before the season. I'm realizing that I have progressed far more in skill than I have in physical ability to reliably and repeatedly execute those skills. I can ski quite well at times, but can't keep the moves up for long enough. So I fall back into geeky survival skiing and ill-considered moves.

Which after a dozen years brings me back to where I was when I met LM: I thought running and working out was nuts, but I was into skiing and wanted to get better at it.

Upon meeting LM the running nut (at the time she was doing several road races) I became convinced/inspired (or insecure and threatened in comparison to this fitness goddess?) to take up running. Which I did to the point of ludicrous extreme.

I ran dozens of races my first year including half marathons, trained for a marathon but got injured, lost about 50 pounds while doing all this, ignored the injury and trained for the next year, and ran more races including the NYC marathon - in which I predictably blew out my knee and re-injured the previous year's ankle ligament sprain. I got so sick of exercise in any form after that ill-planned excess, that I've studiously avoided it for years since, except for isolated bouts of good sense. Allowing all the lost weight and more to return.

(Must be my charming personality instead why LM keeps me around. It's certainly not a shared level of fitness! Either that or I'm the only one who knows how our home LAN hooks up to the Net...)

So third goal perhaps is a broader sense of balance and moderation regarding my approach to physical activities in general. That may lead skiing-wise to trying to ski better on terrain I already can do, rather than see how much "harder" stuff I can survive.

Fourth goal might be to take some more lessons in advanced techniques, try to get all the way past the remnants of "intermediate plateau" that I'm not quite over except on really good days. But until I deal more with goals 2 and 3, I really won't be able to benefit from the Todd's and Tog's and Bob's et al wisdom.
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Sweetheart, its not just your charming personality or the way you hook up the Lan.....
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I hope the addition of the icon makes clear I meant it to be funny. I mean, if you learn to shred, you should really be ready to SHRED, no? Humpf...lol.

And, actually, he HAS played Chinese downhill with an old ski pal. The only realism involved perhaps.

Sometimes I wonder, though, Nakona, about what I am specializing in. I've been revising my vitae hoping it looks good to someone who's hiring a Modern Europeanist with a concentration in Britain and who can do courses in gender/women's history as well. My dissertation is on the growth of cremation in Britain since 1874, largely from a cultural perspective.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Just what is a Shred Betty?

Loreana Bobbitt comes to mind though???
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A shred Betty is a bitchin' snowboard chick. In the spring, she wears a tight clinging short top that exposes the hunk of gold in her belly-button and the little flower tatoo on her shoulder. If you have to ask what a shred Betty is, she's probably young enough to be your daughter.

My goals for this season...
#1: Get as many days as possible. At least as many as last year's high 60's. With a full time job, there's no way I'll be breaking 100.

#2: Take some lessons. Get the stance tuned up... I tend to bend a little at the waist and drop my chin. I'm also probably still using too much straight ski technique on shaped skis.
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Cremation? There's a burning issue someones being dying to learn about! hehehehe....oh god, I used to be funnier....the english started to run out of plots about the same time as Shakespeare, right...hohoho...actually, I would find that stuff fascinating Lisakaz...I'm just bored.
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wow, it's really cool seeing the variety of skiers on the board and the various goals people have set... any where from actually starting to ski to running ski schools. sweet.

for me, i don't think i'm specifically setting 'goals' for the season... but here are some things i can control that i'd like to see happen:

1) not bust my new Volkl P40 Plats (i.e. do not ski Magic Mountain, VT on 198 Rossi 9X GS boards after almost two feet of fresh snow like i did last year .

2) retain technique and spend at least one or two runs each day of skiing specifically trying to improve at least one thing.

3) last year was the first year i had fun skiing bumps (i.e., could actually do them thanks to different and shorter skis). this year, i'd like to be able to improve from being able to hold okay form on 4-5 bumps, to having good form on a dozen or better.

4) find a skiing buddy! skiing alone is not as fun as it used to be (although some days the solitude is just what the doctor ordered).

5) most important, have fun! and at least one none stop top to bottom run per ski day.
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Pierre eh:

After you get done with that boot clinic would you be kind enough to pass along the name of someone from our area (Poconos).

Both kid racer and I will need some work I'm sure. It's probably time to get some adjustment around my bad hip.....denial and deferal....
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As usual, my #1 goal is to ski my age.....
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Well my first goal is to stay sane until my next season. The current season is still going, and i ski'd it over a month ago so it's very depressing knowing i can't get back there until next june!! Maybe i'll grow a money tree and come to the states to ski your season

Well when the next season finally arrives i want to improve my parallel turns and just become an all round better skier

There are two types of people who fail. Those who listen to nobody, and those who listen to everybody.
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Goals for this season:
*Ski 40 days - quite good for a Brit
*Ski down fall-line on big bumps
*Experience waist deep, dry powder
*Shrink bum, hips and boobs
*Decide whether to carry on with career or ditch it all for skiing
*Decide whether to stay with boyfriend of seven years or find saucy ski instructor instead

SO......should be an interesting ski season then!?!
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