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Arcteryx Sidewinder SV & Sizing?

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Hi all,
I just bought a new Arcteryx Sidewinder jacket but am a little unsure on the sizing. I usually tend to take a large in almost all jackets but having tried large and medium on in the store I bought the medium. I was really between sizes but the large size's sleeve length seemed to be massive and I had to pull a lot of material in with the hem cord at the waist. I would have liked just a touch more room in the medium though, although the salesperson reckoned this was because I have been used to a really baggy, unfitted Berghaus shell. He also said the medium would be warmer (something to do with less air in the jacket to heat up - salesman's blurb I would think). I do however still have the opportunity to exchange for a large.
For those of you wearing Arcteryx and especially the Sidewinder, how do you find the sizing?
For the record I am 5 foot 11ish and a fluctuate around the 168-170 pound mark, pretty lean really.
Many thanks.
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I have the XL Sidewider and it does seem to fit large. I'm 5'10 & 1/2 and 195- 200 lbs. I have broad shoulders and have not worn a large in anything since I was a about 16. I also am a jacket hound, I have many and it's just my thing. I had to mess around with the Sidewindr a little with my layers on then off, adjust the draw strings in the powder skirt and the botton to make everything fit just right. I now wear my for all kinds of activities not just skiing. They are great jackets and certainly perform.

Good Luck,

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JAmes, you are in between sizes. but most likely will want a L, I would go back and try on the large, If you plan to layer underneath, (you will want to with a SW), the large may be better. Arc' cuts thier stuff for an athletic fit. The sleeves are longer for a reason, they stay under or over your gloves when you are active with your arms and allow more movement. I am 6' 175ish and have more narrow shoulders, I wear L in all Arc' stuff.
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Thanks for the info folks.
I actually popped back into the store today and I wore the fleece I usually layer under my shells and the Large size is just huge on me, the salesman (different to the one who sold me the medium) actually joked that you could get two of me in the jacket.
I have tried the medium at home with a base-layer and my Eider fleece which I layer with and the fit is ok, just a little different to what I have been wearing. Even with an extra base-layer added I still had room. I think I just need to get used to the different style/cut compared with my previous shells.
Thanks again for the info.
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Enjoy the jacket
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