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contacts lenses and googles problems anyone?

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well i wear glasses and contact lenses. i usualy put on contacts when i go up to ski.

this season i was going quite a bit and impoved a lot, so now when i go down fast i get to much flow in the googles and my eyes dry out and contacts feel uncomfortable as they will fall out. so i have to stop and blink for a bit before i can continue.

i have some smith turbo flow googles (older i think).

just wondering if anyone else ran in to something like that and what was your solution.

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It has happened to me too. But not lately come to think of it I am not sure if its ever occurred with my current Uvex goggles. But I think it only happens on drier colder days.

Every year I say I am going to get laser surgery, maybe this will be the year. My brother got it done and is very happy with the results. OTOH, a friend's sister, who ironically is a doctor, has nearly lost her sight from a botched up job!!! Scary scary.
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I don't usually have any problems, but I can only wear goggles to ski, forget about sunglasses. I think the goggles you are wearing are probably not ideal, the 'turbo flow' I am guessing minimises fogging, but is probably letting in a lot of air that is drying out your eyes. Also try asking your optometrist to recommend the right sort of contacts, I used to have a lot more trouble with the old style wear-one-set-lenses-for-12 mths-type than the newer disposables with higher water content.
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Yeah, I agree with crystal. This is precisely the reason I wear goggles. With sunglasses my contacts dry and pop out quickly. I have the contacts that you leave in for a month then throw away and I use a variety of Smith and Oakly goggles and have no problems.

I would suggest new goggles.
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To add to what was suggested, some of the disposables are specifically made with a higher water content. My contacts would get dry and uncomfortable on a normal day here in the humid south. I got some new contacts, I think they are Accuvue Hydroclear or something like that. Much improved. I wear my contacts under goggles and have never had a problem myself. I do carry some prescription sunglasses with me so I have a non-goggle option on warmer days that does not require contacts. I cannot go even a few minutes in contacts without goggles on snow.
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It is also possible that you are not blinking enough while skiing. You must blink to replenish the tear film, otherwise your lenses will dry out. I know when I ski I forget to blink as often as I should while I'm tearing down the mountain because I'm so focused on improving my form, avoiding snowboarders, scanning the snow etc.

I usually have no problems blinking properly when I'm on the lifts because I’m not so focused.
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I wear Smith Regulator goggles. They're the kind that lets you block the set of vents on the front of the lenses. I find that I can usually ski with the vents closed and my contacts stay wet. Now and then I have to open it to keep them from fogging, but usually it's because I'm doing something slow and physically demanding.
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google works fine for me, I usually find what I'm looking for right away...

Sorry about that, had to go there. The about posts probably hit it on the head. The turbo fan may be drying your lenses out too quickly, try a well ventilated but non-fan goggle
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Ya, once had the drying lens problem - but not in the last several years. Don't know if it was the lenses or the goggles, but it's no longer a problem. Excess airflow leads only to wetter, not dryer eyes.

In fact, while I prefer googles to sunglasses on most occasions, I now have some Native brand sunglass which (a) I can use for any skiing on most occasions, and (b) have a far lesser tendency to fog. I love those guys! They're especially useful when teaching never-evers, but I've used then skiing in ordinary (if sunny) winter conditions with the other instructors at high speed.

The contacts are Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal SofLens.
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I've never had an issue with my contacts drying out while skiing. No issues with goggles or sunglasses.
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Real bad problem now in my older age. Skiing and MTB DH I have to duct tape over all the foam vents to keep the breeze out. I go fast. Havn't really had any problem with fogging either. Had the Acuvue lenses last year, this year went to the Acuvue Oasis, liitle bit better, last month he gave me the Acuvue Moist daily's (cheaper) where you only wear em once and toss em. Nice that you always have a fresh lense but I feel the Oasis is more comfy for me as my eyes feel less taxed the next day
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buzz, I was told that the dailies are a lower quality lens, and they will be less comfortable and not as sharp as a longer term lens. Sounds like they definitely could tax your eyes a bit.

I switched to Oasis lenses a couple months ago, and they have been real comfortable.
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I don't think it is a daily vs not issue, but there are now many different formulations of lenses. If one doesn't work, try another.

Twenty years ago when I first got soft contacts, they would get so dry by the end of the day that they would sometimes come out of my eye. The ones I have now sometimes get dry enough to be uncomforatable, but nowhere near popping out -- and a few drops fix them for another hour or two.

Somewhat counterintuitively, some of the new LOW water content lenses dry out less than the lines where they tried to get more and more water content. Apparently the idea is that the drying rate is proportional to the difference in water concentration, so it can be easier to maintain a lower set point.

Also, the Turbo goggles are meant for bad fogging problems, like eyeglasses under goggles. They clearly are not a good match to contacts.
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Same problem and I finally got LasiK a couple weeks ago. Wahoo! So now I don't have to worry about it with skiing or snorkeling!

My problem was the contacts were messing up my eyes. They gave me dry eye after many years of wearing them and I was only a 9-5pm wearer.

When I went skiing I felt like my eye balls were going to pop out and then I got horrendous headaches. I did wear daily lenses and they helped but only some. Of course my situation is totally different but the dry air out west did not help them at all.

Use those Refresh drops, that helped. I would carry them in my ski jacket and put them in a couple times a day.
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While wearing prescription glasses, I couldn't use goggles without them fogging up. I used prescription sunglasses when skiing. I changed to contacts this past fall, and found I couldn't use sunglasses anymore, due to the same problem you're experiencing.

I dug out an old 13 YO set of goggles I had, (Scott, IIRC) and tried them. No good....my eyes dried out with them also.

In desperation I bought a new pair of UVex. Problem solved completely.
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yea i think it is all about how often you blink, sometimes while i was skiing, i would not blink and my contacts would dry out. just have to make an effort to blink more, or do what i did - get the lazer and be contact free and lovin it for 5+ years now.
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