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Intuition Plug Liners Also Rock

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I have a pair of Fischer WC 150 Boots. They are not the plug version, but the 130 in a stiffer flex. I believe they are a 98 or 99mm last. I have been skiing them in a modified Intuition Power Wrap Liner. I have wide feet EE/EEE. I had the shells punched. I had to cut most of the instep and trim most of the foam from the foot to make them work. I ordered a pair of Intuition Plug liners about a month ago. They were backordered and I received them two days ago and had them molded yesterday.

The Plug Liner is not the Comp liner. It is not shown on Intuitions web site. It is a thinner and stiffer version of the Power Wrap.

They are incredible. They hold my heel like a vice, and conform perfectly to my foot. Slight movements are transmitted to the boots. In fact, it took a few runs to get used to it. The liners stiffen the boots a bit. They also are not as cushy as the Power Wraps.

For those that believe that Intuitions are too damp, these are not your father's Intuitions. A great improvement for $120.
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How do these work with no tongue in a wrap around style boot as opposed to flexons or Kryptons?
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They wrap around your leg. I was wondering the same thing,but a tongue really is not necessary.

Forgot to mention, they are also warm.
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do you use a footbed?
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Yes I have one. To get it to work with my original liners I cut them back to the arch to save room in the forefoot.

Many people don't use them in Intuitions and I have read that Intuition says they are not necessary. Supposedly, the foam in the liner will create a supportive arch. Since I had the footbeds, I decided to use them.
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I may try them in my falcons.

a warm falcon sounds really enticing.
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I've used intuitions exclusively for more than 10 years, and I now have the plug version. It is BY FAR their best product to date! I have always been very pleased with my liners, but these are beyond words. I'm using them in a Tecnica Race R plug boot that was ground and punched before molding the liners. My boots are so perfect now that I put them on and buckle them up in the morning, then unbuckle them for the first time when I take them off at the end of the day. Seriously. I don't even unbuckle them at lunch or if I go in for a beer or something.
Also, they are noticeably warmer than the previous versions. It is possible that they are warmer just because my boots fit better than ever before, but my feet have not been cold all winter.

Kudos to Intuition for continuing to improve on an already great product.

For molding help, check out the thread I posted on TGR:

Molding Tutorial

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