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Jackson Hole Snow Report

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In an effort to inspire any of you fence-sitters to start making firms plans to come to Jackson Hole for the EpicSki Gathering, I just thought I'd pass along an excerpt from this morning's avalanche report. More snow is expected the remainder of this week.

We've had a total of 64" of snowfall at the Raymer Study Plot (about 9,000 feet) since October 1, with a 36" base there. That's *well* above average for this time of year. It's not as much snow as Utah has been getting, but it's a lot for this time of year here. I'd post a picture of the mountain but the sun hasn't been out for days and days.


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M O U N T A I N - W E A T H E R - 3 - D A Y - F O R E C A S T
Mostly clear skies with isolated snow showers are expected tonight and Wednesday. An approaching cold front will likely produce mainly snow with rain at the lower elevations Thursday into Thursday evening turning to snow at all elevations by Friday morning. A strong upper level storm system will likely bring significant snow to the mountains on Saturday.

G E N E R A L - A V A L A N C H E - A D V I S O R Y
Yesterday debris from natural avalanches was observed in the Tensleep Bowl, Cheyenne Bowl, and Expert Chute areas of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. At the mid and upper elevations today slabs up to two feet could be triggered in steep wind loaded aspects and cliff areas. Avalanches are unlikely at the lower elevations except in isolated pockets.
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I never thought that hearing about avalanches, especially in early and mid November, could sound so good :

(Please don't take this wrong I do some backcountry skiing and understand the danger and consequences)
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C'mon, Bob! I'm trying to work here!
Now I'm shot for a few hours.....
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