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Mid-Fat Ski Model/Length?

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NOTE - the following was previously posted to a thread, but did not generate much response so I've used it to start a new thread...

I am looking to upgrade the mid-width ski in my quiver. My current mid-widths (Elan M666, 168cm, 76mm waist) are great mid-speed bump/cruiser skis with a tenacious edge-grip, but that's it. As soon as there is several inches of fresh snow (especially over a soft base) or crud in any form they become very uncooperative and sinkers. Even though I am a small person (see more at end of post) they feel short due to their predilection for tight turns, lower speeds and packed snow (maybe the 16m turn radius should have been a hint).

As a comparison, my powder skis are K2 AK Lauchers in 174cm which I love (though will soon replace with something wider). The length feels perfect (which is more like a 177cm in other brands).

I want to buy an 80-85cm waist ski for mixed condition days. However, I find the size choices confusing (I will be doing some demo'ing but finding these skis in the shorter lengths can sometimes be a challenge). I am concerned that the shortest lengths in these (e.g., 165cm+/-) will act like my Elans, so am thinking of going with the Nordica Afterburner or Salomon Fury due to their 170cm length (or the 172cm im82 or 176cm Watea 84 if I can demo them without becoming a rocket launcher).

Given the ever-changing ski technology do you think that:
-A 170cm AB/Fury will now be too long for me? I am also concerned these will be too turny/hooky like my 666's, or too demanding for my weight.
-A 163cm Fury or 167 Watea 84 (or the 161 im82 if I can get over my Napolean complex) will ski short like my 666's?

P.S. - Me:
-130lbs soaking wet, 5'5" with 40 years of recreational skiing experience
-Athletic, fairly aggressive expert skier (level 8-9?)

-Ski where the deepest snow is (bowls, trees, bumps, no groomers).
-Prefer the precision of so-called expert skis but find that many are not forgiving of my weight (I'm still traumatized by the memory of an old pair of 195cm Volkl Rentigers, OTOH my 170cm Olin Mark IV's is probably why I have a ski-length Napoleon complex).

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169cm K2 Pe
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165 Mythic Rider
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Good list of skis and suggestions. 163,4,5,6,7 etc should be fine whatever you choose.

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