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General freestyle questions

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This season, I have made the progreesion from gaper with twintips to a beginner jibber. As I begin to experiment with stuff on rails, I have encountered a few questions:
1. Am I the only one who slides on the inside edge of their front ski when they slide rails? The only reason I do it is to avoid catching an edge (so far it's worked). All the serious jibbers I watch slide with both skis flat. Should I learn how to slide w/ both skis flat?
2. Also a rail question, when I slide rails I unknowingly turn my torso in the direction that I'm sliding. I didn't realize I did this until I saw some video of myself. Is it just a confidence thing? How should I go about correcting it?
3. Final thing, when I throw 3s, I have a tendecy to let my legs get a little far apart. Should I make a conscious effort to keep them close together as I spin? Also, whether I want to or not (I don't yet) I go corked. I'm thinking that I'm backseat when I leave the lip and that causes my rotation to be corked. Any tips? Thanks!
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1. No. In riding we slide with our weight on the front edge. On skis you can have the skis flat and still weight the front edge. If you weight the back edge of both skis you go boom. When you weight the back edge of the front ski, do you think you might be wearing your edge a little more?

2. This is natural, but it's not efficent. This causes a torque to be applied to the lower body that has to be countered to remain stable on the rail. Turn your head instead of your shoulder. Try snowboarding in a zero zero stance to practice this move.

3. Yes. The tip to make a corked trick on purpose is to dip your lead shoulder. If being in the back seat on take off is causing you to do this, then my advice is .... (drum roll please) .... don't do that.
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