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Sorry if I'm nitpicking, but you said, "Hunter faces north. In the morning much of the mountain is in shade." That's just not true. Sure, some of the tamer trails stay more shady in the morning, but the majority of the main face is due East. In the spring time, I'm skiing Lower K or Upper Crossover, not Belt. Also, "some of the westward facing slopes get no sunlight until 3:30 or 4 PM" is simply not true either. The West side starts to get sun by 1:30, even in the middle of the winter.
Large sections of Heuga and Drop off got no sunlight all day, and stayed frozen.
Where Drop Off dumps you onto Belt is quite tame; but the right edge, along the rock wall, stayed in shade all day, and provided a nice 2 - 3 meter wide track to ski fast down to the top of the runout to the HSQ.