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where to go mar15-19?

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after work on the 13th the GF and I will be loading up the ski gear and heading west from superior wi. heading towards;

A) jackson hole, grand targhee
B) big sky, moonlight, bridger

depending on conditions. we have gone to the bozeman area the last two spring breaks and would like to try wyoming if conditions permit. last year B.S,M.L,B.B. were a slushy mess low and boiler plate higher up: and we are not interested in doing that again, but we're gonna go where the snow is holding up, so can I get some conditions reports from some folks on the ground? this is gonna be a last minute desition

thanks for the info
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Decide when you get closer. I will be between those areas myself those days.
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This was yesterday here at Jackson Hole:


We have cold temps and snow in the forecast for the next several days. Our skiing should be very good. It certainly is right now.
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hey bob from what I can Gather you appear to be the resident JH consultant of choice, so if weather holds as expected we are makeing a bee line for wyoming. I have already printed a copy of your JH self guided tour from anouther post and am sooo looking forward to skiing it.

philpug if your needing transportation while we are in the area we would be glad to help with your bump ph-west tour. maybe being a Hart rep you can convince me to give up my k2 woody's many have tried (superstars, X-wing 10's, rx-8's) have'nt found anything that skis as comfortly as me old woody's
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I would come here. It's decent without new snow for several days, almost a week now. It's supposed to snow a bunch this week. That was some good skiing with Bob.
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