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post/thread flags?

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I used to have a flag that showed which threads I had posted on. Is there a setting I need to activate to get this?
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Hmmm... the option is turned on:

Highlight Threads in Which User Has Posted
When this feature is enabled, a logged in user will see an 'arrow' (or whatever graphic you choose) on the folder icons (hot folders, new folders, etc.) next to the threads that they have posted in.

And it looks like it's working for me. Look at the envelope icons in the threads... arrow means you posted in it...
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Your user settings were set to NOT subscribe to threads. As a result, when looking at the User CP and the board, you didn't see the subscription flag and place holder for last read post.

You also limited your view to see only threads from the last 2-weeks. This would keep you from seeing anything older than 2-weeks

Finally, you had selected not to receive Admin email. Email is only sent by the system to remind you to renew a subscription or when you request a password reminder, and similar things. We don't spam our members. I changed those options and you should see a difference. Change it back from your User CP if you choose.
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