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Ski Santa Fe

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Yesterday we had 2-3 feet of very nice light powder on the mountain. If you missed it, you missed one of the best days at Ski Santa Fe ever.

Get up there this weekend if you can, and enjoy the excellent conditions. :
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I had to work. it was the saddest thing. My friends tell me it was a three times a century type of day.

At least it hasn't been too warm, so maybe there'll be some left for tomorrow ...
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Hey SF Locals, I'm going to be there for the first time next weekend, 15th & 16th. We'l spend some time with the gf's granddaughters (gradeschoolers) but I'm sure we'll have some time to ourselves. We're level 7-8 easterners trying to get comfy in deeper snow. What do you recommend? Later in the week we'll be at Taos just when the happy snowboarders arrive, and the following weekend, Wolf Creek.
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Unless we have another storm move through, which is not in the forecast, there will not be any deep snow. The best remaining snow will be in the trees, because the winds will drive it in there.

It has been cold up at the basin, so the snowpack will be good, which should make for a warm weekend and soft conditions.

Taos is going to be great up until March 19th, when the influx of boarders take care of most of their good snow. The locals know where to find the remaining powder, and they aren't about to start sharing that knowledge.

I think Wolf Creek will be o.k., but I don't get up there often. I go to Taos if I am going to drive.

Sorry you had to miss the snow last Thursday Mom. It was truly the kind of day we live out here for.
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Well, gotta work to support the habit you know. Was up Saturday and there was still plenty of snow you know where.
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