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Looks like I'm gonna pull the trigger on a discounted pair of 177 i.M 78 Monsters today. Next big question is what binding I should put on them.

Right now I can get 40% discount on the current LD12 (non-rail), RFD12 (but no rails) or Mojo 15. I love the Railflex setup, but I'm going to have trouble getting the rails and nobody has a jig. I'd do them myself on a a non-metal ski, but I don't have the tap to do them on the Monsters.

At home I have a brand new in the box pair of Marker Ti 1200 Glide Controls.

Should I use the Markers? It'll be cheapest. Apart from general Marker-bashing, why should I splash more cash on the LD12? I don't need DIN 15.

Oh well, its a done deal. I got the LD12s for 600 kroner, mounting included - about $100 Picking them up on my way home from work. Wish it would dump now!