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What a great site. Downside is that I've put off taking care of business for two hours while surfing Epic. I ski out west 5 -10 days a year I wish it was 5 - 10 weeks but family comes first. Last trip was Alta end of Feb. 2003 lots of snow. Rented a pair of Sugar Daddies and I had a blast. I'm a big guy 6"'5", 265 lbs and these skis kept me floating, best skiing ever. This years trip is Whistler end of Feb., trying to arrange lodging right now. I may not be able to ski as well or 'talk the talk' as well as some of those posting but I do share the passion. Looking forward to surfing here on a regular basis.
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Welcome to EpicSki, Young5797!

Two hours is just a start.... Enjoy, and don't hesitate to add your own thoughts and questions.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hi and welcome. Like Bob said 2 hours is nothing!
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Welcome Young5797! Come on up to Sunburst sometime. There are a bunch of us locals hanging out around Epic on occcasion.
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Welcome Young5797, glad you are hooked, both on skiing and these forums...

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Welcome aboard! Glad you enjoy the site.
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Hey, young, welcome! Don't worry about getting addicted to this site. You'll be able to quit any time you want (heh heh) [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Hey, it's legal, nonfattening, and so what if your wife will divorce you and name EpicSki as correspondent (gotta love that term).

Seriously, consider this:

Check out the Eastern Tune-Up info.

Check out the EpicSki Academy info.

Check out the EpicSki Gathering info.

Seriously - just check it out and let us know what you think.
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Don't you owe me a hundred?
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It's good to see a young 'un here for a change.
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woah, hold on a minute here, what do you do with the other 22 hours in the day?


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Hi and welcome. 2 hours isn't bad for your first time. I make it a point to avoid this site during the day or I just get sucked in. Devil's Head is my home base as well. In fact there's a few of us that ski there regularly. Drop a message when you're coming over. Sounds like you are not hard to identify on the hill. If you're looking for decent lodging deals in Whistler check out [url=www.alluradirect.com]I used it last year, its got good info and good selection.
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I like the enthusiasm, welcome. Come ski with us at any of the events oboe listed amd ckeck out Meeting on the Hill forum for a gathering in your area.
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way to be HUGE, youngun
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