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orthotics and stance width

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I could use a little help.

I’m having a difficult time maintaining as close a stance as I once had.

Changes from last year to this year are a new pair of Volkl AC30’s and addition of Powerstep orthotics to my boots. I demoed the skis last year, liked them, and didn't notice any change in stance at the time.

I’ve used the Powersteps for a few years in my street and running shoes on the advice of my podiatrist for a case of plantar fasciitis and they have worked for me. Since the boot footbed had little arch support I thought adding orthotics was a good idea. My feet are comfortable in the boots with the orthotic. Naturally, I buckle the instep at a slightly different spot with the orthotics in.

Do footbed changes typically cause changes like this, or should I be looking elsewhere?

Before anyone says, “go see a bootfitter”, I have. The guys here in Ohio haven’t been terribly helpful. I’ll be in Park City at the end of the month and expect there are more experienced people there to call upon.

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Well, I see thirty people have viewed my inquiry, but nobody knows the answer. Surprising. I'll run a little experiment at the local slope tomorrow and post what I learn.

I took removed the orthotics and replaced them with some old flat tennis shoe liners. I also added about 1/8" of cant in the opposite direction by placing multiple strips of duct tape across the plastic part that lies under the boot liner. This will have the effect of rolling my foot inward from its former position. No clue what effect this will have on my stance width or if I'll even be able to tell anything. Regardless, the results will be subjective. Will bring the orthotics along to switch back and forth and let me compare.
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I like the way you have set up testing. When you put the orthotics in did you remove anything in the boot that could be increasing the varus posting?

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I skied yesterday and tested adding a 1/8” wedge to the bootboard (thanks to skinet.com for the glossary of boot terms). The conditions were great for skiing and awful for testing. Eight inches overnight and another eight during the day (NE Ohio gets one big storm a year, often in March). Total vertical is 240 feet, so test runs are short.

First runs (Test 1) were with the 1/8” wedge applied to the outer edge of both boot boards, rolling my foot inward. Test 2 was with the wedge removed and my orthotic in use, rolling my foot outward. Test 3 was with the orthotics and the wedge.

Buckle tension in the arch was adjusted to the same comfort level for each test. The boots do not have an adjustable cuff. Each test consisted of about ten runs (this is a small hill).

I didn’t feel anything remarkable during Test 1. The snow conditions made it difficult to feel the precise moment an edge engaged. Test 2 provided a change (I think). It felt like the tip of my downhill ski was engaging sooner. I adjusted to this after a few runs, but things didn’t feel as comfortable, balance wise. Wish I had a video. Test 3 provided no noticeable change, other than the need to loosen a buckle slightly due to having both wedge and orthotic.

The results are inconclusive. The slight change I think I felt in Test 2 could have just been the conditions or me just feeling what I expected to feel (self fulfilling prophecy).

Lou.. you lost me in the terminology. Varus posting? I didn't remove anything. The stock footbed (pretty much a flat 1/8" thick piece of foam) came out, and the orthotic went in.
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When you get to Park City, contact Brent Amesbury.

He is a C-ped/bootfitter. Very competent. He can help you.
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Always good to hear a recommendation. Thanks. Brent was on my list to contact at Park City Pedorthics. I saw his name on the bootfitters.com site.

I'll be staying a few days local to Park City, and a few days in Salt Lake city proper. Any recommendations for a bootfitter in Salt Lake should it come to that?
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