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Sking at Blue Hills Quincy, MA

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Hello I wanted to bring my parents to a ski place (for them to see, their age/health does not permit them to learn ) so that they can see how I can ski

So I am thinking of a nearby small place so that they can stay in the restuarant or lodge place and maybe observe us (friends) skiing.

We all are also learners just got the basics right and about ready to start with green trail.

So considering all this...I have chosen the Blue Hill in
in Quincy, MA

How is this place in terms of beginner lessons ( I will have my brother joining in who will take beginner lessons along with few of use for parallel skiing sitting on the lift)

I was considering Pat's Peak or Sunapee but they are about 1+hour drive.

I basically don't want my parents to get bored being at the lodge for the whole day so if required I can drop them home

Any helpful suggestions ?
PS: My parents really want to join along and I would like to show them as well...so ..'going without them' is not an option

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Considering the amount of rain we just had in the Boston area, I'd be amazed if they have any snow at all.
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You might want to consider Nashoba or Wachusett.

Nashoba's base lodge looks right out on the slopes and there's a restaurant/bar upstairs (check opening hours on the website) where your parents could watch as well.

The deck area at Wachusett is nice on a sunny day ... although it's not as easy to watch the skiers from the deck, it's a short walk to the bottom of the Minuteman chair where they can watch you rip the NASTAR course They also have a nice restaurant and lounge that would give you some options to spend some "apres ski" time with them as well.
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I know this was last season, but if you didn't end up getting out there and want someplace to go for this season, here are my suggestions.

Blue Hills - Joke of a ski area

Nashoba - Nice lodge (has a fantastic restaurant on the second floor that looks out at the mountain), great place for beginners

Wachusett - If you're going as far as Nashoba (still not very far lol) I would suggest to continue down Rt. 2 another 40 minutes to Wachusett, great lodge, better skiing, still not overwhelming.

Sunapee - This is could be one of my favorite mountains in the East. It's run by the same people who own Okemo so they know what they're doing. Amazing snow, lines are short as hell, tons of trails to choose from. I say best bang for you buck, a lot of people skip it and go to Loon...more crowded, more expensive, and poorer snow quality IMHO. The problem I think you would have with sunapee is that it's purely a skier's mountain. The lodge isn't really all that great...nice pub though for apres-ski drinks

Hope this helps, if you want any other info let me know!!
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Just as an FYI, it is so NOT in Quincy.

It's in Canton, MA, right by the border with Milton. I first started skiing a teenager by going there after school and nights. Easy access for "ski dates" and hanging out with friends on the hill, what little of it there is. Of course, back then, before all the warming, the Greater Boston area actually got snow that stuck around all winter.

And it was 4 miles from my house. Rather convenient. But still not in Quincy!

Your confusion on location might stem from the fact that "Big Blue" is in the Blue Hills Reservation. The bulk of the Blue Hills Reservation is in Milton, but at one end it extends into Canton where Great Blue Hill ("Big Blue", the site of the ski area, and the "GBH" in WGBH Public TV from it being their original transmitter location) is, and at the other end it extends into Braintree through a tiny misplaced slice of Quincy. I'm also familiar with certain sections of the Blue Hills at that end of it heading towards Braintree and Quincy. But no skiing over there; those locales were for later evening activities known locally as "watching the submarine races" and "checking out the Nike Missile Site" which are not directly ski-related

That said, I don't recommend it for what you want to do. Not too much skiing there, and not a long runout at the base for your family to watch you. I'd definitely recommend going to Sunapee if it's only an hour drive for you. Much more skiing, nicer base, generally much more feeling of being at a "ski area" (no, not a "ski resort") rather than a little local hill that happens to have a few lifts. Your parents will be much more comfortable at the base at Sunapee, they'll get to see more of your skiing in a less crowded spot, and hopefully you'll all enjoy the day's outing.
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I agree with the Nashoba Valley recommendation. There is a nice viewing area upstairs and they serve a perfect Margaritta! If they are looking to make a day of it, you could go to Bretton Woods. Its a couple hrs from Boston, but there is some great shopping on the way up or back at the outlets in North Conway.
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Originally Posted by Salvuccim View Post

Blue Hills - Joke of a ski area

Nashoba - Nice lodge (has a fantastic restaurant on the second floor that looks out at the mountain), great place for beginners
trails to choose from.

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I'll stick up for Blue Hills as well. Big Blue has much more interesting skiing than Nashoba. I would rather ski there any day of the week.

They are both small hill skiing near a major city, and they are what they are. There is longer, and more challenging terrain at Blue Hills though. It can be a great place to ski midweek at lunch, where Nashoba bores me. I've had season passes at both over the years.
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Perhaps I was wrong to call Blue Hills a joke of a ski area, however if you want to show your parents what skiing is all about, at least take the trek out to Wachussett...nice lodge, they won't be bored there.
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