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Watea 84's for me?

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I am in the market for some new skis and have been looking at the Fischer Watea 84's. I am looking for something that performs well in soft snow and the junk we get in the midwest that isn't ice. Normally I ski on race skis or something close to a race skis. Right now I have a Volkl Supersport 6 Star ina 167 and a Rossignol Radical RX World Cup in a 167 (I know thats short for a GS race ski). I am 5'10" 245lbs and a pretty accomplished skier. I prefer high speeds but slow speed performance when I am out with the wife isn't a bad thing. Will the Watea work for me?
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Yes. The watea is rock solid and pretty burly in construction. It holds an edge well, is very solid at speed and has an uncanny ability to smash through crud and chopped-up, skied out stuff. At your weight I wouldn't look for it to float alot on powder under say, the high 170s in length but they'll no doubt perform well on those days when there's a bit 'o freshies out there. They look sweet, too- I demoed them at Keystone and found myself staring at the topsheets with see-thru spots to the wood core... definately cool and a fun ski. They could use a lil more float IMHO (if you're going backside/hiking/bowling like I was) but definately a great ski, and perfect if you want to ski on-piste with fresh snow and like to pour on the speed now and then.
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At your weight and with your racing background, I'd think about something burlier. Maybe a Dynastar Mythic Rider or the Fischer Heat series.
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I think the 184cm Wateas would probably handle your weight OK. The skis are plenty stout for my 6'1" 195lbs. Even when I was driving them hard, they had plenty of reserve.
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I had considered a pair of Elan Magfire 14's but was unable to get a pair in the size I wanted. To be honest the 184 scares me a bit. I haven't skied anything that long in quite some time now.
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I have the 84's in 176 and I am 5' 10" and 240...
They work perfect in soft snow...
For skiers our size they are not the answer for really deep powder, but I knew that when I bought them...
I ski mainly in Colorado and could not be happier...they go right through crud and chopped-up, skied out stuff, carve really nice in soft snow...
I have not found the speed limit on them...
They are willing to let you ski them slow or fast they don't care...
IMHO they are a very easy and forgiving ski with a lot of performance available...
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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post
I had considered a pair of Elan Magfire 14's but was unable to get a pair in the size I wanted. To be honest the 184 scares me a bit. I haven't skied anything that long in quite some time now.
You could probably do OK on the 176 too, which would actually be the ideal size for a 5'10" person if your weight was commensurate with your height. Weight definitely has an impact on length selection. Regardless, I wouldn't go shorter than head height on this type of ski.
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Now I am considering the Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel as well.

Damn I'm indecisive.
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I ski the Watea 84 in 176 (I'm 6'1"; 190-200 lbs.)

They would not be the skis I'd take out for skiing exclusively fresh-n-deep, though they have plenty of float for me. They do seve me well in soft, deep snow. I've yet to get into trouble on them because of lack of float, whether pow or crud.

I could have gone longer, but I wanted the smaller radius sidecut of the 176 and the versatility to use them for instructing, and I do. (I'm an instructor with a college racing background.)

At your weight, I'd suggest the 184, though.

They are not GS skis, more versatile actually. But if you want a GS feel, then look elsewhere.

Still, a very fun and impressive ski. It's my current favorite in the quiver.
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I am not too concerned about deep snow...we rarely get more than a couple inches at a time here in Ohio. I am just hoping that a wider ski will perform better in the soft much we get so much of as well as perform well when i go out west in the spring. If I'm out west and we get a big dump I will probably rent something.
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so then yes. The Watea 84 sounds perfect for your needs. I almost bought a pair cuz I loved em so much... So happy shopping! Good luck!
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I have been going back and forth between the Watea 84's and Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuels all weekend. I decided to save a few bucks and get the Watea's. For $299 they were hard to pass up. Even if I have to put $180 in a pair of bindings I still come out ahead of the price of the Nordicas and if I don't like that then I won't feel as bad.
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