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USCSA National Championships

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Happening RIGHT NOW at Sunday River! Run one of the GS is in the books...


Ross Herr has been pretty much dominating our race league on Thursday nights.... I don't think he has been any worse than 2nd on any given night. Good to see that he pretty much beats everyone else in the country too!!!

His girlfriend Brianne is competing on the girls side. That chick rips, too. I think it would be pretty tough to find a faster couple! (Tommy Moe and Megan Gerety???)

Anyway, Good luck to Ross, Caleb, Andy, Kyle, and Bobby representing Northern Michigan University at Nationals!!!

Brianne, too!! She's got it a little tougher... no team-mates to hang around other than the guys. She qualified as an individual by being the fastest girl at regionals who wasn't on a National bound team.
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Mr and Mrs Vonn are pretty quick.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Mr and Mrs Vonn are pretty quick.
Oh yeah.... forgot about them!
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If marriage isn't a prerequisite, Benni Raich and Marlies Schild are pretty darned fast, too.
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