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speed demons

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What is it with some people, (usually under 25 years old) that they use a green family type run to really open it up and rip high speed GS turns amongst little kids, families and tourists. I have got all 5 of my kids skiing now but it seems that this is getting worse. My littlest is 4 and I can say that if it was like this when the oldest one started we might have chucked the whole family skiing thing. You guys that are doing this why don't you take your game up top and open it up on some double blacks? The only place I havn't seen this is at kicking horse, Probably because the skiiers and boarders there have some real game and don't need to impress anyone.
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I totally agree...
My kids started snowboarding last year, and we have gone on the family runs a lot...
I cant believe what I have seen in the last 2 ski seasons...
Several skiers totally out of control, to the point that crashed into people in the lift line...
Several skiers/boarders going very, very fast...not cool...
I like Copper Mtn because they seem to have a lot of the "on the Mtn ambassadors" monitoring this very thing...
My kids like it a lot too, just for the same reasons...
They can board without the fear of getting crashed into...
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Not to defend some, but if a skier has good form and skills they may not think they are really going that fast. Yes, we have all seen this happen. I will ski a little fast if no ones around but when other people are there you need to respect them amd realize you have no idea what they will do next.

We all know that, it's the few who don't that will someday be in your shoes.
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I don't know what your situation is, but some areas have the high-speed black diamond runs terminate lower down the mountain where the slope is less on a green run. Skiers who have been blasting a steep section may actually think they've slowed down enough when they are still going quite fast.
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I find that the opposite happens far too often, especially on the East Coast. It seems like every time I am Wachusett or Loon there are always snow plowing beginners with unzipped jackets and jeans tucked under their white 1988 ski boots making whole-trail turns, getting in the way of everyone out there who can actually handle a black or double black at reasonable speed. I understand the skier in front has the right of way and what not, but at least know your own skill level enough that you can handle the terrain and let others enjoy it as well.
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Hey now! That would be my kid except on late model Fischers.

At least they are turning not bombing down out of control!

You have to time it right of course but a guilty pleasure of mine is bombing down Ralphs Run!
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Maybe resorts ought to make "lanes" like swimming pools...

My Mom likes to swim. She goes twice weekly. Her big beef? Slow swimmers blocking the fast lane!!! In her words "I'm not the fastest swimmer so I can't go to the fastest lane. But almost every other week I end up grabbing the ankle of a swimmer so slow I do two lap when she does one!!!"

I'm afraid when common sense fails, rules need to be put in.

(I know this is a thread to complain about too fast skiers. But often times the same too fast out of control young skiers are the same ones making big slow turns on double black runs because their ego is bigger than their quad)
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Your green "family run" may be my flat cat track headed to another lift. I let people know I'm coming from behind them on cat tracks. Sorry if you want me to slow down and slowly pass you as you wedge from one side of the track to the other...I'm not going to do that. I do make a point of slowing down in crowded areas and where ski areas have designated terrain for "family" use.

I notice when I slow down and ski with newer skiers that there are a lot of yahoos skiing too fast for their ability level on fairly flat terrain. Solution: avoid said terrain. Your littlest is 4...seems like you should have the whole family outside of the dangerous green terrain in a couple years.

Skiing fast and scaring people on groomers with lots of people around does make you a jerk, I'd agree with that.
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Not to start a debate (please don't) but this is a big reason to put a helmet on your kids.
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Of course our kids all have brain buckets on, the wife too, I'm the only one in a touque and I hear about it lots. The guys I'm refering too are the ones who should know better. The punter with his pants tucked into his boots and his coat undone knows not what he does. The guys on Karma's do. And yes we are looking forward to getting off the dangerous green runs and on to blue with the 2 youngest ( next season). As a former ski patrol I gave lots of tobaggan rides to snow bladers who had gotten themselves into terrain they had no business being anywhere near. So yes it goes both ways but for the most part the guy who is on terrain above his level isn't going to hurt anyone but himself. Yes it is fun to tuck your arms behind your back and put the skis on edge, just pick your spots a little more carefully.
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