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Things I should know...

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Well my younger one has given up inline skating last year, after breaking twice in two months the same forearm...
This year he's decided to take up Baseball...
The head coach tried him as a catcher during the last training session and I think he's seen too many kids baseball movies...he acted exactly like some of the characters in those movies...Right, he "acted" rather than "played"
Ahr Ahr Ahr He was soooo cute!

Seriously now, are there any particular things I should know be aware of and take care (apside the obvious ones like don't push him too far, let him enjoy the game first, think about winning second etc)
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Congratulations Mr Nobody. Baseball is a wonderful game, partiuclarly if you're playing rather than watching. If he's going to catch, make sure he gets all the right protective gear. Look into cups. PM me if you don't understand what that means (x proteggere i gioielli). Make sure he has someone capable teaching him; catchers can get knocked around a bit if they're not shown what to do correctly (getting hit in the hands by bats, for example).

Caution also in order if he's going to pitch (fare lanciatore); important that the coaches don't let him throw too many pitches, too hard. A lot of people say young kids shouldn't throw certain pitches either (breaking pitches).

Let me know how it goes. I'd really like Prickly Jr to play someday; he already knows how to swing a bat from playing Wiffle Ball with his dad (that's a lightweight version of baseball).
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Thanks Prickly for the suggestions...
In fact I had "forgotten" (overlooked the need for) about protecting the "gemelli" ...last saturday the coach reminded the boys to come with it at next training...
I provided him with one of mine (I used those when dirt biking around...)
The other gear (balls, bats -I have one at home but coaches prefer that they do not carry a personal one, protection for the catcher, hard hats, "gloves" (? is that a glove? as in "Guanto da Baseball") is provided by the team forthe time being.
He's received yesterday his MT hat and looks proud of it.
Despite being only his fourth training session it look to my untrained eye (according also to to comments I eaversdropped in the assisting public)
that he's got a good eye to catch the ball when playing...
The catcher role is not fixed, each kid takes turns at it.
The most coveted role is, obviously I think, to bat..
They all want to bat all the time, followed by the pitcher...
Next sunday they'll have their first tournament (full day)
This video shows one of their first training this year (sorry I tried to embed it w/o success, must study a bit more how to...)
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