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WTB: Jet Stix or Similar Rear Spoiler

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I am starting skiing again after a long hyatus and would like to use my Rosemount boots, but need Jet Stix to use them. Unfortunately, I had threw them away.

Also, if there are any other rear spoilers that could be used with my Rosemount to seat me forward in the boot I would definitely be interested in that feedback.

My daughter-in-law placed a posting on ebay looking for a pair http://wantitnow.ebay.com/Jet-Stix-f...dZ110227621558

Thank you.
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You're kidding, right?

Boots old enough to require an accessory made almost 40 years ago are, by definition, no longer fit for skiing. The materials don't last that long.

You will be doing yourself a huge favor by going to a good bootfitter and getting fit for some modern boots.
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you will only thanks yourself, its worth it
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I was surprised that someone would be looking for jet stix - this brings back a flood of memories.

Interestingly, this stance on skis started with Jean-Claude Killy during a World Cup race he won. Skiers saw him sitting back at one point in the race and the skis jetting out in front after he went off a bump, and it suddenly became the hot new way to ski.

In fact, I remember trying it myself, and later seeing some top-of-the-line yellow "banana" boots with a really high cuff that allowed the skier to sit back just like Killy did.

The irony of it all was that Killy was later interviewed about this startling new technique and he sheepishly admitted that he had just lost his balance and was just trying to recover! He claimed he had not intended to ski that way at all. However, for some reason, this interview apparently was not published widely and so the myth continued for some time. It seemed at the time to add to his stature as a World Cup skier and enhance his product promotions and endorsements.

In the same vein, a classic Lange boot poster was published shortly after with a sexy girl in a one-piece ski suit unzippered to the navel with her breasts exposed jetting off a mogul, with a caption something like " Keep those tips up!". Copies of this poster are currently available on ebay.

I remember those Rosemount boots - short, stubby and built like a tank - they even had a large SS plate bolted on the inside ankle to protect the boot from the other ski edge, because in those days, the proper ski technique was to ski with both skis completely together which inevitably sliced up the boot shells at each inner ankle, and in the process, provided clear evidence of an advanced skier!

Anyway, today the proper stance and balance is to have your weight centred through your boots, and not sit back with your centre of mass behind your boots.

Modern boots tend to be softer in forward flex since modern shaped skis do not require the massive pressure to carve that was needed to flex the older, straight skis. Modern boots, however, are stiff laterally, to facilitate hard angulation and the high G-forces of carving.

Bottom line - put those Rosemounts up on the mantel for "show and tell" and buy new boots.
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Rosemonts with Jet stix
Look Nevadas and Volkl Zebras

A great combination

For 1973! ;-))

Bring on the memories!

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I rescued my Jet Sticks from my mother's basement when she moved three years ago. I used them with Raichle Red Hot fiberglass ski boots. back in the early 70's.

If you really want them I'll send them to you.
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Mine are in a box in the barn with my Astro- Tunes, will go look for them, along with my K2 Chesseburgers, Olin Mark 4s & Hanke boots. Used to have the Nordica Banana Boots which replaced the need for Jet Sticks! And lets not forget the Hanson Expedition boots, that look real good on the ski called "THE SKI"!
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Unfortunately, I have very, very narrow feet and have not found anything comparable to the great fit I have with my Rosemounts. I will update by 195cm Harts to shape skis and join the new century with those. Incidently, I did hurt my knees using Jean-Claude Killy technique of skiing down-and-weighting or "availment". I hope that with Jet Stix, I can keep my weight forward and use the new skiing technique without hurting my knees.
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I will be SHOCKED if any reputable ski shop mounted (or adjusted) a binding for a Rosemount boot... lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Rosemounts are perfectly good ski boots! Not Plastic! They will not break! And if the leather pouches and fit packs are still in good shape, the fit can be perfect. "What is that red stuff anyway?;-)

Condeming equipment just because it's old misses the point.

I'm gonna take out the K2 Comps just to get in someones way!.

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How hard would it be to mock up some of those out of spare plastic, straps and rivets?
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JetStix and Rosemounts - How they look together.

Got a pair of JetStix thanks to Roundturns!

Here are some pics with my Rosemounts on. Check it out!

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Those are beautiful boots. I'm glad you got your Jetstix. The boots look close enough to modern DIN standards to work with current bindings, but you will not find a certified binding mechanic to mount or adjust them for you. You might be able to talk one into mounting the bindings for a new boot with the same length sole, then you need to be sure you adjust for your boots, and release test. I would start with release settings below those recommended, only increase if they are coming off too easy.

Be sure, these boots will NOT release as consistently as a new boot, thus they are not as safe. Using them with modern bindings WILL be safer than using them with the old bindings you used back then. On one hand, if you found the risks of skiing acceptable back then, maybe you can accept similar risk now. On the other hand, the possible extra margin of safety that new equipment offers will outweigh the additional cost for most people that can afford to ski. For some reason the injury rate does not seem to be going down with improvements in bindings and standardizing of the boot/binding interface.
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Even if you do get those boots mounted somehow, PLEASE check out the sole under the ball of the foot. Modern boots have a smooth, flat space there that has no tread. This is to interface with the anti-friction device under the ball of the foot. If you have tread there, get new boots. Don't give me any of that "I cant find any boots to fit" garbage. There are zillions of boots out there and one will fit, you just have to look. I broke both bones in my lower leg because of inadequate anti-friction and you could too.
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Hey JetStix, I can't see your photo?  Got a 404 error -- photo not found. 


Can you repost it or point me too it.  I've got a few Rosemount boots in my collection and would like to see what yours look like. 




Cold Warrior

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Dear Sir:


I would very much like to purchase your Jet Stix.


Please let me know if you can do this.



Karl Edmark



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