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Vail Ski-Tech

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At my timeshare in Vail, i get a discount if i rent/demo from a shop called Vail Ski-Tech. Just curious as to if anyone has done a demo there and how good is the shop?
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One of the best shops in Vail, IMO, definitely the best priced. I have had quite a few friends rent from them when they come to visit and all have been happy. I also demo'd a few skis from them last year.
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Absolutely the best priced. I demoed a pair of Dynastars from there for a day, my husband got a pair of Dynastars from another shop and paid at least $10 more for the day. I've always gotten pretty good service from Ski-Tech too, fast and efficient.
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Thanks so much. It's great to hear that plus the fact that i get the discount so it will be even cheaper.
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Very good shop!
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Vail has a few great shops to choose from and Ski Tech is one of them. Have a good time up there, hopefully the snow keeps coming.
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You have no idea how excited i am. I'm used to little 15 trail mountains here in Virginia and Maryland, with the occasional trip to Snowshoe. To spend a week out in Vail is just amazing.
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I love hearing that you are excited to ski Vail. I hope you have great snow and have the best ski experience of your life. I think I'll quit going there when I no longer feel like I'm a lucky S.O.B. just to be there. Vail is a special great place that I can't get enough of. Its a special treat for a lot of us and I still get very excited about every trip I take to get there. I'll be out there to finish my season in about three weeks. Like you, I'm already very excited about getting there. To me , its just that good.
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