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EpicSki Stakeholder Committee Formation

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We have created a planning forum to get input from the community on developing EpicSki's future, as well as dealing with the problems of today. The primary requirement for participation in the forum is an overwhelming desire to use even more of your precious time to unselfishly improve this site for all of us. That said, we do need to keep the numbers down to have any shot at resolving the problem solving and negotiations we expect to do there.

The recent turmoil in the Techniques and Analysis forum caused this idea to be announced there first. One of the first priorities will be to understand the problems that have plagued the instruction forums, and to come up with an intelligible policy for handling it. Clearly that problem has many stakeholders and conflicting interests, hence the formation of a stakeholder's committee. This is not a popularity contest. The issues will range from the fun exploration and critique of new site content to solving difficult problems. The committee intentionally includes members with very different viewpoints that hopefully will encompass most of the interests in the broader membership.

These are the guidelines from that forum, or at least the first draft. If you are interested in helping, send me a PM.


Welcome to the stakeholder planning forum, and thanks for volunteering. This is a private forum that is invisible to all usergroups except stakeholder planners. Administrators and moderators do not have permissions here, and you may speak freely. Because of the need to get information and interact with the ownership group, ssh and nolo have permissions to view and post in this forum as part of the group.

Oh yeah, you have an extra large mailbox for PMs and some other features

There are a few ground rules here.

This group is intentionally diverse. Outside this forum, you may have been involved in conflicts and arguments. Leave it at the door. Keep in mind, we are actually trying to assemble a group that would otherwise enjoy a group choke-hold rather than a hug fest.

What is said here, stays here. You may be given the opportunity to preview new products and premium content that will be part of an EpicSki expansion. Any conversation or content that is transferred out of this forum without prior approval of the planning group or owners will result in the member being removed from the planning group.

We all have convictions and beliefs. This planning forum was formed because beliefs cannot be civilly discussed in large forum groups to any productive endpoint. Whether your belief is in the value of a completely free forum, or a teaching system, you will be asked to compromise your viewpoints to arrive at a consensus that can be implemented as policy, guidelines or content. Dogma or pedantic rhetoric is simply something we cannot work with. Express your viewpoints, persuade, and debate; but adapt or you will get voted off the island.

We expect that stakeholders value EpicSki as a place to meet and discuss issues and of course skiing. This value instills a sense of community ownership in the site, and comes ahead of agreeing with the owners, administration or moderators. This is a place for rank to be set aside and for all parties to listen. It is acceptable to find extreme fault with EpicSki as long as a constructive solution is being sought or proposed.

Members of the committee are welcome to start new threads to discuss problems, proposals and debate issues. Thread topics should be narrowly defined, and the threads should endeavor to stay on topic. If we cannot resolve a problem, it might be a good idea to invite someone else in with fresh ideas. We will do that from time to time, but want to keep the planning group at a manageable size. Its better to leave an issue unresolved, than to get frustrated, or fail to get out skiing.

Have some fun with this, and feel free to add your ideas on procedure or suggestions for rules on debate that will facilitate discussion. Thanks again for your willingness to help.
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I'm pleased to say the help of about a dozen members of the community has been invaluable in redefining the issues affecting some forums. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to our better understanding and the development of a more sensible policy for the Techniques and Analysis forums. I hope we can say we went in with opinions on issues, but were open minded enough to accept we, as moderators, not only didn't "get it", we may have been part of the problem in our lack of clarity.

The Stakeholder's planning group will move on to other issues as well as continue to refine solutions to our original problem. The lesson learned so far is, we are a diverse community in technique, thought and objectives; and the best solutions, come from a complete understanding of all sides.
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I am very happy to see the approach taken and the new policy that has been formed. I will be pleased to re-initiate my supporter status if I see the represented philosophy demonstrated in management of this site. Thanks to all involved for your efforts on this.
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