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air temp gauges?

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I recently bought an older Toyota T-100. My last ski hacks have had the outside air temp feature but the Toyota doesn't and I now realize how critical it is.

Have any of you installed one with satisfactory results?
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No but check the wrecking yards. Not a common item and some of the yards charge very little when you throw it on the counter and ask "how much".
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Ryel: Thanks ... but here in Noo-Joy-Z, you can't even get into a wrecking yard and they won't pull a minor component, you have to buy the whole dash. I used to love spending a sunny afternoon among the MG's and other bones selecting "better stuff" then I had on mine. But those days are gone,

I did locate an after market part in J. C. Whitney and the price is only about $35 ... I was hoping that there was something a little better though. When I was a kid we could spend about three days debating the "merits" of their offerings, from the ultra tacky to the (to us), really neat race stuff, like the Moon hubcaps and the Continental kits. :
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I have had very good luck with aftermarket outside temperature gauges. In 1986 I installed a very complicated computer monitor that had among other things an outside thermometer. This entire unit was very complex to install as I had to tap into all sorts of wires, but I followed the directions and got it done. I mounted the outside temperature sensor behind the licence plate. That computer monitor was a J.C. Whitney product. About seven or eight years ago I installed an outside temperature gauge on my son's car and it was battery operated and I only had to route the sensor. Very simple. I believe I found that unit in one of the major auto supply stores. The only drawback was that it was hard to see in the dark as it had a push button light, but pretty weak. I am sure you can find a good one that would be easy to install and would work well. Good luck.
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Thanks, sometimes I spend time searching for something that seems simple and then the parts counter guys take you on a strange voyage only to find that it's made of "unobtanium" and the supplier just went "outa' bidness". :
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Brookstone has an automotive outdoor temperature sensor that costs about $20 and works well. The only issue I found was mounting the sensor so it senses the true air temperature and not heat coming off of the engine. The interior display has a light but is on the large side because it is battery operated.
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On a trip out west I got gas at a truckstop and saw inexpensive outside temp gauges with remote sensors you hung on mirror.
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