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Best eastern carving/ice (read: old snow) ski?

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Alright, I know there are tons of you out there who test alot of equipment, and now that it looks like I will be selling my older carving skis to my younger brother, I will need a replacement.
I am 25, 5'9" & 170lbs. I ski at least 25-30 times per year in the east, with at least one trip west yearly. I ski very agressively and hit everything on the mountain but feel I am a low-mid level 8 due to my reluctance to ski moguls. I already own a set of Mojo 90s in a 176, so my "fresh snow to a foot" category is already filled pretty well, but I feel like I need something that is going to absolutely rip on-piste, as the east sees relatively limited pow and seemingly unlimited hard snow. These will be primarily my old snow or icy condition skis, and I would love some input as to what everyone thinks would be the best. I want something that's stable at warp speeds, will hold an edge on anything and is quick turning. I am open to suggestions and have plenty of time to decide- I'm just looking to get set in the right direction, so any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!
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Two quick ones to consider:

- Head Supershape
- Fischer RC4 Progressor

Both can pull nice, quick turns (more so the Supershape), both are rock solid on the boilerplate, and both have a lot of power that, at the same time, won't throw your around. If you want a little more long-turn stability, the Supershape Magnum would fit the bill, too.

You could also look at:

- Fischer RC4 SC
- Dynastar Contact Limited
- Elan Magfire 12
- Atomic Nomad Blackeye

And many others that would also be good. But I think the Supershapes or Progressors would be the best fit.
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Fischer RX series skis, or the Progressor.
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The Head Chip equipped skis are designed to excell on icy and firm conditions by being extra damp and by reducing chatter, yet still delivering the high energy of a high performance ski. I think, based on what I have read, the Supershape Chip might be a very good ski for your needs (which are the same as mine). I happen to have a similar ski already, albeit much older, and it is a confidence inspiring system.
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In general, I'd look for the skis that are "sub-race" skis for eastern groomers. That doesn't mean the non-FIS legal race skis, but the skis below them. For example, from Atomic, the SX line would probably represent their ideal eastern groomer ski. And then from Fischer, the Progressor and RX Fire, and the Supershapes/iXRCs from Head, and so on and so forth.

My personal picks for eastern groomers would be:
Atomic SX12pb
Head Supershape (any one from the series, it all depends on the kind of turns you like, if you like longer turns, go with the supershape speed)
Fischer RC4 Progressor
Fischer RX8
Volkl Tigershark 10 Foot Power Switch
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Atomic SX12
Fischer WC (RC or SC; pick your radius)
Head Supershape Speed
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awesome guys thanks! I've heard great things about the progressors, RX8s and tigersharks and will definately be looking at the supershape chip too... Nobody likes chatter! Anyone have an opinion about the Nordica Top Fuels? (and their brethren?) I've also heard those are super solid beasts...
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