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Place to ski in Wisconsin

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I am looking for a place to ski while I will be in Port Washington, north of Milwaukee.
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You have a couple of options:

1) Alpine Valley (south of Milwaukee, near IL border)
2) Cascade - further north on I94, near Wisc Dells(maybe 1.5/2hrs drive)
3) Devil's Head - also off of I94, near Wisc Dells
4) Granite Peak (?) used to be called Rib Mt. - near Madison I think

I've been to the first three (used to live in Northside Chgo, now in Minneapolis) and would recommend either Cascade or Devil's. I haven't been to Cascade in about 8 yrs but was at Devil's Head over President's Day weekend just after they got hit with 5in of snow - so, it was fun but Wisc standards. If I remember correctly Cascade has steeper runs but Devil's runs are longer in general. If you want decent steep at Devil's go towards the runs to the far right of the hill.

Cascade overlooks I94 and had (back then) had frugal ammenities whilst Devil's is more secluded and has a more "resort" feel to it (ie: on site lodging, outdoor hot tubs, outdoor firepit, etc).

Alpine Valley is closest to Milwaukee, maybe 20-30mn drive and it the smallest of the four; so if you're short on time, it's better than nothing.

Hope that helps,

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When are you skiing? If you are looking for weeknight or weekend day/night skiing Sunburst in Kewaskum would be nearest to Port Washington. Open M-Thurs 4-9PM, Fri,Sat 10A-10P, Sun 10A-9P. It's smaller than the others listed, but it should be about a 30Min or less drive. Alpine Valley will be a good 1.5+hours from Port Washington.

From Port take Hwy 33 west, to 45 North, The hill is off of Hwy 45 between West Bend and Kewaskum. You can see it from Hwy 45.

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If time permits I would go to Devils Head. If not then Alpine is close but smaller. However it does have two high speed quads.
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My recommendation would be for Cascade. As a disclaimer, I've never been to Devil's Head or Granite Peak. I've been meaning to go to Devil's Head on a weekend trip with Cascade, but I've generally ended up having too much fun at Cascade and staying there. I'll make it there one of these days, but for now can't really comment on it. Granite Peak is quite a bit further and the reviews on here certainly haven't motivated me to haul over there.

Cascade is significantly larger than Alpine Valley. Though you'd have to travel a bit to get there, it's located right by the interstate. I believe Sunburst is the closest place, but also the smallest.

Here are some links:

Devil's Head
Alpine Valley
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