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1976 Ski Brochures

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Ever wondered what your favorite slope looked like 30 years ago? Here is a selection of vintage 1976 ski brochures from various western resorts. Shorty Hot Dog skis were popular and ski wear was bright. I was in college working towards a career as a ski bum - a noble profession in those days.



I hope this post is in the appropriate spot. My appologies if not.
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Every once in awhile you see some guy on his old straight skis doing little noodle turns like the guy in the lower right picture, with his arms in the air too. It looks hilarious.
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Just Curious

Those photos do display the old locked knees approach.

Other interests and raising a family have kept me away from skiing for a number of years. Last ski vacation was to Jackson Hole around 10 years ago back when those shaped skis were just becoming popular.

My question: Does anyone even ski with traditional sizes skis anymore? 200-210cm? I began skiing in very early 70s where over the years we went from long to short back to long. I guess short is back.

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They are getting longer again. A couple years ago you had to hunt to find anything over 185. Now i've seen them well into the 190's again.
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That's interesting and somewhat expected. I guess function still follows fashion in a way.

Funny thing about equipment: I remember as a mush-brained college kid riding a lift with an older gentleman wearing unusually long Head skis (for those days), Marker spring bindings and leather buckle boots. I may have asked something unwarranted like, "How do you ski on those?" He shrugs, glides off the lift, a few quick turns later and he's half-way down a steep mogul field, disappearing from view like a low flying missile.

Years later some kid was ribbing me on the lift about my old VR-17s and similar vintage Marker bindings. I was able to return the favor in a like manner.

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If you don't get you price on E-bay let us know. I have a friend that has a B&B who would buy them for his place.
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Thanks but its a "No Reserve" auction. So somebody will get them at whatever the final price might be.
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noodle turns

I've got nothing against old school skiing, and yes they make it down just fine and in control. It just looks funny, nothing more.
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I bought one set of those brochures

But 1976 is late for me. I started skiing in 1961, and my first trip to Vail and Snowmass was March, 1970. Imagine Vail with basically just the clock tower and a crappy two-story motel where the village now stands.
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