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you know, i wonder why only the yellow topics are tempting for the forum members to post : :
white topics never get any more posts!!!
hey guys , white means no post since last visit, IT DOESNT MEAN: DO NOT EVER POST HERE ANY MORE, IT IS OUT OF DATE, OUT OF INTEREST, OUT OF MEMORY... : : :
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Hope you ain't taking personally what you perceive as disinterest. fact is, WC racing is not that widely viewed here (U.S.), certainly not like it's followed in europe. it's mostly a matter of people just not knowing the racers. the few that DO know them all have, i'd bet, done some racing themselves.
anyway, i have to go now to check all the yellow posts.

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I have to agree with you about the lack of coverage. BBC aren't saying much, and the Eurosport sight says it will have coverage, but doesn't say of what.
This really pi$$es me off.

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I watched Adelboeden men SL, and Maribor Women SL on EUROSPORT, just this weekend and they broadcast many important WC stages, as they take place.

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Has any one seen the men downhill from Wengen, SUI? woaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, whatta track, what a ride!!!!!!!
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Womens Aerials.

Gold to Jacqui Cooper AUSTRALIA Oi Oi Oi!!!!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was watching the Wengen race on TV yesterday. They also showed the slalom.
I'm not a slalom skier, but (rant imminent) I was surprised how quickly Bode Miller made it down the second run. He didn't seem to have the same level of grip on the steeper stuff that the other guys had, yet he managed a reasonable time. I guess style isn't everything! But did you see the Italian Edoardo Zardini! He might just qualify for one of my surprise tickets.

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as for hockey pics:
eh, does anyone know how many of the professionals from the NHL are to play, and for which countries?
cause if the russians are going to play with their pros they are gonna wipe out the rest!!
: : :
if pros are in:

4.Czeh Rep

if no pros:

3.Czeh Rep
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Having just watched a re-run of yesterdays downhill, could I suggest Daron Rahlves for the speed skating?!
(If you've seen the FOOTage, you'll know what I mean)

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Hey y'all,

here's one interesting website for all of you who can't decide and don't want to participate in this interesting "bet".

FIS is the official homepage of the international skiing federation. They post all results there. So you can check out the contestants and the results of all the races so far. This should help!!

By the way, Wengen and Kitzb├╝hl downhills were killer races!! Whatta ride!

Please give us some more snow here in Europe. It hasn't snowed since Jan 2nd :
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Hey anybody see the Women's GS? Forsyth 7th and Genevieve Simard 3rd!!!!! Not bad for the first year on WC! Now who was that brilliant soothsayer who picked her as a dark horse? Looks like the Maple Leafs are peaking at the right time...get healthy Emily...get on it Melanie!!! Them Yanks are lookin' strong!! Goddamn, I can't wait....Euros look out!
Still looking to submit my final prognostications.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Frances:
I'm not interested enough in ski racing to know all the relevant people. I'd like to watch more to see how the experts do it but it's never on the telly - Eurosport only show ski jumping as far as I can tell & BBC have 45 mins of ski Sunday once a week.

How do I watch racing (other than go to the mountain which is a bit pricy)?

You can see the Downhills for the price of a lift ticket! Not pricy! Snowbasin is the only venue where this is true, however. From the Snowbasin website, it looks like skiers see more of the course than people in the stadium - cpsoc
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Good news!!!
Eurosport & BBC will be showing a lot of the skiing. Not sure exactly what they're showing, but they have promised some coverage.

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come on guys you see it s not so impossilble if you like watching the great guys skiing
what i come to understand is that some shots are not difficult at all if u see the all round results for the world cup, STILL THERE ARE ONLY 5 OR 6 VALID CONTESTERS TILL NOW.
I ll soon deliver my choices. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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global soaring:

AS far as i know, Romania is, geographically speaking, in Europe (and soon politically speaking too ), and here all known slopes have 45 cm layer of (old but good) snow.
Yet it snowed a lot after the new years eve
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Hi Danone,

you're quite right - Romania is geographically speaking in Europe. I was however more or less referring to the Alps, i.e. France, Switzerland & Austria.

Snow is all right but very very old. It still hasn't snowed a lot since the first days in January and so there is no real good backcountry skiing anywhere - not even on the old snow since the layer is not very big - maximum 3 feet in the best places. That sucks. But we're staying optimistic and hoping for the real big dump!! Cross your fingers!!

PS: Does anyone have experiences skiing in New Zealand (see my post in Travel and resorts...). Would appreciate any info available!!
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global: i hope it will snow till next year when i ll go to Alpe d*Huez or Cortina : [img]tongue.gif[/img] .
I have some ski loving old friends in Turin that work there, and told me to take my pick for next winter
I am currently planing to save money for ski school , as they say french (ok, and austrian) are some of the best, for at least 8-10 days of courses.
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come on guys winter oly is at the door, let me see your bets!!! :
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Ok...here we go! These prognostications have been kept in a hermetically sealed mayonaise jar on Funk and Wangonelles front step....(I couldn't resist some nationalistic bias)...

Men's Downhill
Gold: Stephan Eberharter (duh)
Silver: Didier Cuche
Bronze: Kjetil Andre Aamodt
Dark Horse: Edi Podivinsky

Women's Downhill
Gold: Isolde Kostner
Silver: Hilde Gerg
Bronze: Renate Goetschel
Dark Horse: Kirsten Clark

Men's Combined
Gold: Kjetil Andre Aamodt
Silver: Lasse Kjus
Bronze: Bode Miller
Dark Horse: Michael Walchofer

Women's Combined
Gold: Renate Goetschl
Silver: Janica Kostelic
Bronze: Pernilla Wiberg
Dark Horses: Caroline Lalive, Britt Janyck
Mens SG
Gold: Didier Cuche
Silver: Stephan Eberharter
Bronze: Daron Rahlves
Dark Horse: Lasse Kjus

Womens SG:
Gold: Hilde Gerg
Silver: Karen Putzer
Bronze: Melanie Turgeon
Dark Horse: Michella Dormeister

Mens GS
Gold: Fredric Covili
Silver: Stephan Eberharter
Bronze: Michael Von Gruenigen
Dark Horse: Thomas Grandi

Women's GS
Gold: Sonja Nef
Silver: Alison Forsyth
Bronze: Anua Paerson
Dark Horse: Michela Dorfmeister

Men's SL
Gold: Bode Blow-up
silver: Ivica Kostelic
Bronze: Rainer Schoenfelder
Dark Horses: Bennie Raich, Mitja Kunc, JP Roy

Womens SL
Gold: Anja Paerson
Silver: Laure Pequegnot
Bronze: Kirstina Koznick
Dark Horse: Janica Kostelic

Mens Moguls
Gold: Stephane Rochon
Silver: Janne Lahtela
Bronze: Jonny Mosely
Darkhorse: Travis Ramos

Womens Moguls
Gold: Kari Traa
Silver: Jennifer Heil
Bronze: Hannah Hardaway
Dark Horse: Shannon Bahrke

Mens Aerials
Gold: Eric Bergoust
Silver: Jeff Bean
Bronze: Joe Pack
Dark Horse: Alexi Grichin

Womens Aerials
Gold: Jacqui Cooper
silver: Alla Tsuper
Bronze: Deidra Dionne
Dark Horse: Emily Cook

Men's Hockey
gold: CANADA
Silver: USA
Bronze: Czechs
Dark Horse: Sweden

Women's Hockey
Gold: Canada (upset)
Silver: USA (really upset)
Bronze: There's someone else?

Done...buck up boys and girls!

Ok...in the interest of the real dark horses...Ferdinand Ochea, Deb Armstrong, Kathy Kriener etc...good luck, Zali Stegall, Alain Baxter etc.

Hey...running out of time, first up...Men's DH. Hup..Hup...Hup...Hup!!!!!

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I will say it for your Danone...Last Call! This could be fun, if everyone gets on board. Spag, Bob, et al....Todd, any last minute changes? Good luck skiers!
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results after round 2:

1-2. global soaring 2 pts
Danone 2 pts
3-4. Robin 1 pt
norefjell 1 pt
5. Todd 0 pts

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Results after men s and women s combined:

1-2. global soaring 6 pts
(3 straight silvers, congratulations!)
1-2. norefjell 6 pts
3. Danone 5 pts
4.Robin 4 pts
(hey i ve got kostelic with gold)
5. Todd - 0 pts
(u didnt choose combined medalists todd )

In case of tie at the end of the contest the winner will be the one who indicated most of the golds.

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Come on Didier....make me brilliant!!!

God I hate having to watch this online.....he was in the lead...then DQ'd...arghh! Looks like lots of DNFs! Gotta go back to lineup, lots of lessons!!!

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This is why I don't gamble! [img]smile.gif[/img] But man its fun to watch! Gave an indoors movement analysis clinic to some instructors this afternoon - instead of the usual videos, we watched Olmpic race footage!
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standings after men SG
1.Norefjell "The Furious Viking" 8 pts
2.Danone 7 pts
3.Global soaring 6 pts
4.Robin 6 pts
5.Todd 0 pts

Todd, dont be dissapointed ! I would give up my points for an atom of your ski knowledge. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Danone...thought I would refresh this thread....keep getting most of the usual suspects right....just in the wrong order...howzabout partial points?
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Well the truth is - all I did was go by the World Cup standings, which is what I imagine a bookie would do to! But I certainly didn't put much energy or thought into it (not that energy or thought would have helped me!) :
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Standings after W SL:

1.Norefjell 10 pts. (how come Norwegians have so many medals and u so many points, I think all the norsk must really be mocking the Sweeds right now...
2.Danone 9 pts. ( i am pissed of i missed the tv W SL AND SWE-BLR AND CZE-
RUS!!! : )
3.Robin 8 pts.
4. Global soaring 6 pts.
5.Todd GETS A POINT!!!!!!!!!!!
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any comments or suggestions?

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Thanks for the fun idea!!! Too bad I only scored 6 pts. But it was fun!!

One thing's for sure: The Olympics are always good for a surprise!
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