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Olympic Favourites 2002- FINAL RESULTS OF CONTEST

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Lets have fun trying to guess the Olympic Alpine Skiing favourites of 2002.You take the shot first.
I am fascinated by this kinds of sport events,and I wonder just how thrilling must be the downhill or the super g for the skiers down there.

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I'll bite...my picks for a few events...some bias...my maple leaf is showing.

Women's GS
1. Sonja Nef
2. Alison Forsyth
3. Anna Paerson

Men's GS
1. Covili
2. Thomas Grandi, Bode "blow-up" (tie)
4. Von Grunigen
5. Eberharter

Women's SG
1. Renate G
2. Melanie Tugeon
3. Wiberg
4th-10th somewhere, Genevieve Simard and Lalive, maybe Mendez

I'll try some others later....did I mention Men's Hockey? #1 Canada, #2 USA, #3 Sweden
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Womens Slalom: rooting for Koznick to get the gold.

Womens Downhill and Super G you have to root for Picabo, I know she can be obnoxious, but not as bad as that billionaire Martha Stewart.

Mens anything that Bode Miller is in,you ahve to back him and Dalmon Reaves or what ever his name is.
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Who I'll be rooting for, and who I'd bet on if I was in Vegas are unfortunately two different things.

I'll be full-on hoping that the Americans are inspired by being on their home turf, and pull it out big . . . and maybe bring a little more attention to racing in this country. But as a big fan of racing, my objective bets would be different.

Hey lets leave this thread up and see how it close we all came!

My bets for medals in Alpine Racing:

Mens GS
Gold - Frederic Covili (FRA)
Silver - Bode Miller (USA)
Bronze - Benjamin Raich (AUT)
Wild Card: Michael Von Gruenigen (SUI)

Mens SL
Gold - Bode Miller (USA)
Silver - Mario Matt (AUT)
Bronze - Ivica Kostelic (CRO)
Wild Card: Kjetil Andre Aamodt (NOR)

Mens DH
Gold - Stephan Eberharter (AUT)
Silver - Kristian Ghedina (ITA)
Bronze - Michael Walchhofer (AUT)
Wild Card: Kjetil Andre Aamodt (NOR)

Mens SG
Gold - Stephan Eberharter (AUT)
Silver - Didier Cuche (SUI)
Bronze - Christoph Gruber (AUT)
Wild Card: Fritz Strobl (AUT)

Womens GS
Gold - Sonja Nef (SUI)
Silver - Michaela Dorfmeister (AUT)
Bronze - Allison Forsyth (CAN)
Wild Card: Andrine Flemmen (NOR)

Womens SL
Gold - Laure Pequegnot (FRA)
Silver - Kristina Koznick (USA)
Bronze - Anja Paerson (SWE)
Wild Card: Christine Sponring (AUT)

Womens DH
Gold - Isolde Kostner (ITA)
Silver - Sylviane Berthod (SUI)
Bronze - Michaela Dorfmeister (AUT)
Wild Card: Picabo Street (USA)

Womens SG
Gold - Hilde Gerg (GER)
Silver - Caroline Lalive (USA)
Bronze - Renate Goetschl (AUT)
Wild Card: Pernilla Wiberg (SWE)

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Nice piks Todd! I'm gonna put a little more thought into my last prediction....need a little more OLN first.
It is hard not to go with the heart....but North American skiers always do well in the big game....part of our mentality I think...Super Bowl psyche!
There are always those "injury" miracle comebacks possible too....keep an eye on Picabo and Emily Brydon!
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It sucks that we can't find even 1/100th as many folks around that are interested in "what if" senarios and discussing the "Alpine Circus" and Winter Olympics as we can who want to discuss which Football player last got nabbed for slapping his girlfriend around!
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Just for a statistics reference, my above picks would result in this # of medals for each country:

Austria 9
Switzerland 3
Italy 2
France 2
Canada 1
Sweden 1
Germany 1
Croatia 1

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im not much into the racing scene, but I personally am gonna have my eye on Johnny Mosley in the freestyle scene. Salt Lake City should be a big year for this guy, hometown and hes back from freeriding and making movies.

Whats really exciting about all of this is the fact that he has applied the 720 dinner roll. After winning the last winter olympics in Nagano with the 360 dinner roll, seeing a 720 being done for the first time in the freestyle scene is a big breakthrough for the sport.
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Thats a cool trick alright - but one trick doesn't a run make! A cool trick is the icing on the cake for a strong run. There are many judging criteria.

I really hope Mosley rallys and pulls it off. But in the last World Cup mogul competition he placed #37 and his best lately has been #9.

While home will be motivating for him - Many other folks will be on their home turf too, Americans who are younger and skiing stronger right now, and since they have never had an Olympic Medal - are as hungy for it as Johnny was four years ago!

In Mens moguls the Americans are dominant so in all likelyhood we'll see a couple of medals staying home. The womens mogul field is less U.S. dominated. Here would be my picks if I was a vegas odd's maker!

Mens Moguls
Gold - Travis Mayer (USA)
Silver - Jeremy Bloom (USA)
Bronze - Stephane Rochon (CAN)
Wild Card: Tie between Travis Ramos (USA) & Johnny Mosley (USA)

Womens Moguls
Gold - Kari Traa (NOR)
Silver - Ljudmila Dymchenko (RUS)
Bronze - Margarita Marbler (AUT)
Wild Card: Hannah Hardaway (USA)
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My pick for the alpine events:

Men DH:

Gold - Eberharter
Silver - Fritz Strobl
Bronze - Kjus

Men SG:

Gold - Cuche
Silver - Eberharter
Bronze - Rahlves

Men GS:

Gold - Miller
Silver - Covili
Bronze - Nyberg

Men SL:

Gold - Matt
Silver - Raich
Bronze - Miller

Men Combined:

Gold - Aamodt
Silver - Kjus
Bronze - Strand Nilsen

Women DH:

Gold - Kostner
Silver - Dorfmeister
Bronze - Goetschl

Women SG:

Gold - Putzer
Silver - Dorfmeister
Bronze - Gerg

Women GS:

Gold - Flemmen
Silver - Nef
Bronze - Paerson

Women SL:

Gold - Paerson
Silver - Pequenot
Bronze - Koznick

Women Combined:

Gold - Lalive
Silver - Goetschl
Bronze - Costelic
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Norfjell - I like the way you think. I think my picks would be about the same except I would put Von Gruenigen in the top 3 for Men's GS.

As for Hockey, it's hard to say but I think the Top five will include Canada, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden. (U.S. finishing 6th or worse)
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Screw it, I'm changing my picks...Todd you left off 1 medal to Canada! Your gratutitous bronze to Forsyth.
Norefjell, your viking is showing....a sweep in combined?
As soon as I crunch the numbers and call my guru/coach/soothesayer, I will produce the definitive list.
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Thanks - fixed. Gratuitous? Maybe, this isn't exactly particle physics here - but I do base things on World Cup standings, with the only variable being that I knock folks up a notch or two if they are on (or close to - as in CAN) their home turf.

Arguments about predictions are silly, after all - with time we'll see what really happens. Of course some predictions are always right, some are always wrong! This is how astrology and psychics work - if you make enough predictions, some of them end up right . . . and then everybody forgets all the ones they got wrong! [img]smile.gif[/img] But while basing predictions on past performance is not foolproof, it is by far the most statistically accurate method of sports soothsaying - which is of course how sports bookies stay in business!

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Can't deny the homeland bias as this was the standing in 1994. However, realistically speaking, both AAmodt and Kjus are obvious choices. Harald grabbed the bronze in 1994, so why not again? Predictions are fun, maybe we should allow one adjustment after the teams are named. Unfortunately, for some of the stronger Austrian skiers they may not even get to participate due to the nations quota. Then lets compare results at the end of February.
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Aamodt is one of my favorites, he has been following in Giradelli's footsteps to become one of the greatest all-event skiers in history. Hope he opens up a can of whoop-ass at the Olympics! :

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As starter of this topic , here is the "Official Regulation of the Topic"
Article 1 : we ll compare predictions at the end of the Olympic Alpine Skiing Event
Article 2 : 3 points for the right gold indicated in each event; 2 points for the right silver; 1 point for the correct bronze .
Article 3 : NO modification of the innitial posts for each member, will be taken into consideration
Article 4: there ll be JUST ONE general classification of the predictions, which will result in three awards:
1 st prize: the title of "Nostradamus of the Ski World" and my official congratulations
2 nd prize: the title of "Prophet of the Snowy Mountain"
3 rd prize: "the 3 rd prize"
Article 5 : Moguls predictions are "hors concours" but not forbidden (i cant forbid anything yet, i am too new here and even if i werent...), artistic ski doesnt count>
Article 6 : Some of you please help me count when the time comes, so read the rules. :
Article 7: The official results will be taken from the official web site of the winter olympic games 2002.
Article 8: Let members know about this topic and urge them to fill it in, if they are interested.
Article 9: Try not to peep into the Bookmakers sites and see ratings, its about fun here not glory.
Article 10: all predictions must be made till february 9, 2002.
Article 11: make predictions for as much as all the ten events. still,i hereby thank you for as little as just one.

I hope i ll make it to the first 15 with my predictions.
I ll write them after a few more stages in the world cup

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A special prize will be awarded to the finest unpredictable prediction that comes out true, awarded on my discretion.
A 2 nd special prize will be awarded to the one who indicates correctly the whole podium, in any event.

Ok, ok , easy, no more rules! : : :
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Hey I like it! However, perhaps folks should be allowed to edit until opening of Olympic games? I'm only thinking about in the case of an athlete getting injured before the games even open? Though I think they should definately be shut off before any official practice runs take place on the venues.
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Agreed, I will probably edit at least once before the games....still working on the list. After training runs all bets are off. Todd...talked to Milt today, I am going to try to make the Edwin Terrell at Purg. beginning of March....would be a fun Pro Bear event.
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The only safe predictions I can make are:

- Whoever NBC picks to commentate during the alpine events is going to piss off at least 50% of the members of this forum.

- NBC will spend more time doing human interest stories and plugging the alpine events then they will spend showing the events.

- One or both downhill events will be postponed due to storms.
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I heard that the judges did not like Mosley's 720 dinner roll trick, he tried it at the comp where he took 9th.
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"surprise" pick: Chad Fleischer on the podium after the DH.
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Whether or not they liked the "Dinner Roll", he just hasn't been putting together clean and fast mogul runs (relatively speaking). While the big tricks may be crowd pleasers, that is just one aspect of the judging critera. Here is a recent article talking about this very thing: http://www.contracostatimes.com/spor...g_20020101.htm
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mens moguls:

1. Lauri Lassila(FIN)
2. Janne Lahtela(FIN)
3. Mikko Ronkainen(FIN)

Finland rules
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Amendament one: Innitial predictions can be subject to changes only in this situation:
-the skiers predicted to win ,get second or third do not actually participate in the event.
In this case, editing can be done until the beginning of the event.

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I’d like to contribute some stuff for the comp:

Men’s events:

1. Kristian Ghedina (ITA)
2. Daron Rahlves (USA)
3. Franco Cavegn (SUI)

Super G:
1. Lasse Kjus (NOR)
2. Frederic Covili (FRA)
3. Kristian Ghedina (ITA)

1. Michael von Grünigen (SUI)
2. Benni Raich (AUT)
3. Bode Miller (USA)

1. Bode Miller (USA)
2. Ivica Kostelic (KRO)
3. Benni Raich (AUT)

1. Lasse Kjus (NOR)
2. Bode Miller (USA)
3. K.A. Aamodt (NOR)

Women’s events:

1. Petra Haltmayer (GER) (outsider call)
2. Isolde Kostner (ITA)
3. Michaela Dorfmeister (AUT)

Super G:
1. Michaela Gerg (GER)
2. Renate Götschl (AUT)
3. Caroline Lalive (USA)

1. Sonja Nef (SUI)
2. Andrine Flemmen (NOR)
3. Alyson Forsyth (CAN)

1. Anja Paerson (SWE)
2. Kristina Koznik (USA)
3. Monika Bergmann (GER)

1. Michaela Gerg (GER)
2. Renate Götschl (AUT)
3. Corinne Rey-Bellet (SUI)

OK, OK, I got some real daring calls in there - but usually that's what happens at Olympics and Worldchampionships.


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Valid contesters until now:
1. Robin
2. Todd
3. Norefjell
4. Ryan ( for the special award)- put them all on screen, ryan

The rest of you bears, WHERE R YOU? : : :
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i am a little dissapointed by lack of participants in this topic, but i guess if one enjoys skiing doesnt mean he also enjoys watching the sporting winter events, so i understand the bears attitude...

New valid contester :
5. global soaring :
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Ok, just for the Brits:
Lesley McKenna silver in the Half pipe
Alain Baxter 9th in the Slalom, so Martin Bell will still be our highest ever male finisher in the Olympics.

Britain will finish with 1 gold (for one of those crazy sports where you go down a bobsleigh run on a tea tray - either luge or skeleton - there's a british woman Alex, who I've heard could do it), 1 silver (1/2 pipe) and 3 bronze (at least one for bobsleigh).

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I'm not interested enough in ski racing to know all the relevant people. I'd like to watch more to see how the experts do it but it's never on the telly - Eurosport only show ski jumping as far as I can tell & BBC have 45 mins of ski Sunday once a week.

How do I watch racing (other than go to the mountain which is a bit pricy)?
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