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Mantras in the East?

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I would most likely be skiing up in Northern VT- Smuggs, Jay, and some Stowe. Also Sugarloaf Sunday River and then some out West as well. Thinking I might be able to get aways with the Mantra and b/c of my size I could rip them anyway. I demoed a pair out in Steamboat (very different snow i know) but was happy with them on the groomers as well as the backsides. Thoughts?
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You've answered your own question. You've skied them and liked them, what more do you need? They will be fine.

I wouldn't personally choose the mantra as my everyday ski in the east, it's a bit clunky for most days... and I LIVE at Stowe. It would be a great complement to a narrower ski. dropping down in width to a ski like the Blizzaerd cronus, Elan 888, Head iM88, Dynastar Mythic rider would give you a MUCH more versatile ski (if you've only got one pair). If the Mantra is intended as a 'soft day' ski go for it.
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I just got back from a week at Whistler, spending 3 days on the Head Monster 88 and 2 days on the Mantra. The Mantra does soft and deep better than the Head but is WAY worse in every other aspect. I found that the Head made much nicer carves, was easier in the bumps, was more nimble and had more energy. It did get grabbed a bit more in the deeper stuff than the Mantra but it wasn't half-bad. And since we're skiing a lot more trees than open bowls in the East, I would think that versatility would be more desirable.
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