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I'm building skis, and need help!

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Hi there, i live in New Zealand(but i am from Norway) and i'm making some skis, it's only a prototype, but i would like to make them as good as possible, so if you know anything about were i can get the materials to make my base, and wmy edges from, that would be great...
i am using wood as the core of the ski, but i'm not yet sure what kind of wood!!

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There was an article in one of the ski magazines (Ski, Skiing, Snow Country) about 5, 6 years ago about making your own skis. I believe it was written by an engineer fellow who used to design skis for Head. This person may also sell supplies and equipment. I met the man Masters racing. Can't remember the name. I belieive he sells a ski that he makes called "The Claw'. Kind of a visionary who anticipated the trend to short, shaped skis etc. Maybe an internet search would turn him up and lead to the kind of info you're seeking?
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John Howe is the guy behind The Claw ski:


Tom / PM
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The Claw website actually had a reprint of the article for a while, but I don't see it there now. Apparently, the most difficult aspect of the whole procedure is getting the layup press operational. The thread here:


has links to more resources, including suppliers of edges and bases.

My ears generally perk up (and I generally wind up pestering PhysicsMan, thanks PM!) on the threads dealing with
- building skis
- ski camber, flex and its consequences
- Mini-telemark skis

because my envisioned design would be a super-refinement of Karhu's All terrain series seen here:

and of Rossignol's BC miniski as no longer seems to be available.

Now, both of those use a skin for climbing (integrated in the case of Karhu), partly because their camber does not really allow for true structured bases (and because it's apparently cheaper that way).

Now, what I would like to see is a miniski with a Fischer Outbound type base structure, damp response like The Claw, carving ability similar to Elan's NXT teaching minis, and that would be marketed specifically for use with XC/telemark/randonee boots. (None of this nonsense about using hiking boots or downhill alpine boots).

If anyone would like to build one . . .
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The Rossignol Free Venture minis can be seen here. (Sorry, had to tinyurl that one)

Unfortunately, they are not slated for the US; previous generations were packaged with a convertible binding system and climbing skins.
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do a search on forum.powdermag.com and www.tetongravity.com/forums one or maggots is making skis at home!
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