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Krypton issues

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Hello. My last pair of alpine boots were pretty beat up, so this fall I bought a pair of Krypton Pros, and immediately had a couple of punches done for my inside ankles. For a time I was pretty psyched about these boots. But recently I've been having major issues with outside of my forefoot, major pressure around the knuckle of my little toe. It started on the right side, and several days (of skiing) later it has moved also to the left side (which is a smaller foot.) I did a third punch on the right, and was happy with that for a time but now I'm coming to the conclusion that this boot is just too narrow for my foot. I will admit that i have the lower quality liner, the trufit, not the wrap Intuition.

So my question is this: I am changing from a Flexon. I was and am under the impression that the Krypton should work well for a narrow to medium foot, and is not unlike the Flexon in this manner. My trufit liners are neoprene in the area in question, but are thin there. Would an Intuition liner help me here? Basically I now feel like the entire toe box area is too restricted, and my otpions are to grab a pair of Full Tilt since I know they fit, or do very extensive work with the current boots/liners, or replace my Krypton liners with Intuition. (Or even get new liners for to replace my old beat up ones from the Flexon.)

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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strange, krypton usually fits wider then the FT.

do you still have your old FT liners? what about them in the Kry shell?

if not sell what you have and go back to FT. You know that they work, so why not stick with a good thing
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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately my old boots/liners are in a closet in Maine. Their owner is in Utah for the winter. Are there any other tweaks i have over-looked? (Have played around with changing out the foot beds, etc etc.)

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