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Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix

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Does anyone here have any information about this video game? I havent played a good skiing video game since Winter Olympics for the original Nintendo. Has anyone else played it yet? Can you pick real skiers? I am thinking about buying it for my nephew.
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It is terrible... buy him SSX Tricky instead. The gameplay is painfully slow, poorly executed, the controls are difficult and for some reason unchangeable, and the announcing is painful. The premise was a good one, but 3D0 dropped the ball.
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Here's a trailer from the site. Make your own call. I'm no gamer but it isn't very good.web page
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They should have just licensed the SSX engine, or better yet the Amped (snowboarding game on Xbox) engine and altered it with skiing models. I doubt anyone else will bother making a skiing game for a while either . One of the better ones I used to play was Super Ski 3 Pro, produced by some company in Europe, around 5 years ago.
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I've personally logged quite a few hours on Mad Trix, and all things considered, the game isn't that bad. Keep in mind we're dealing with "version 1.0" software...remember how bad Coolboarders 1 was when it first came out? Obviously that was on a different platform, but you get the idea.

I'm confident that if 3DO gets the green light for any future releases, they will surely improve the rather stiff motion engine along with the graphics, sound, etc. Let's just be glad someone finally stepped up and produced a skiing game to counter the plethora of over-hyped snowboarding games already out there.
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i personally like the game. i especially enjoy the big mountain freeride mode of the game. it's the best skiing game out there...hell, it's the only skiing game out there. i give it a thumbs up.
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