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Advice re Ski Length

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I am planning to buy a pair of Fischer RX 8 FTIs and am undecided whether I should get them in a 165 or 170 length.

I am a level 7 skier weighing 165 lbs and 5' 9" tall and ski mostly groomed. I like all turn sizes, as well as skiing fast. I am currently using Salomon Crossmax in a 170.

I welcome your suggestions.
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Why go smaller? U r skiing on 170s...do they feel too long? If not, I'd stick with that. You're a decent sized guy...you can easily handle the 170...it'll be more stable and still be fast and nimble.
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170 cm is the perfect length for an RX8 for a 165 lb person skiing mostly groomed terrain.
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Get the 170s unless you plan to ski in a skirt.
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