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skiing Thanksgiving

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Anyone have experience skiing over Thanksgiving? We are thinking about booking a trip next year over the T-giving break. What places are likely to have the best conditions?
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As has been said before, you should wait to see who has good early season snow. Usually not crowded at that time. I made the mistake this year and booked Utah trip for Dec.5-11. Usually good. Unfortunately, we were 1 week too early. Big storm hit night of arrival, but hardly any terrain open until we left. Should have followed my own advice.
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I'd recommend waiting. But for whatever reason, you probably can't do that. So your best bet is somewhere with lots of elevation and snowmaking. The ones I'd recommend are the boring, typical resorts of Copper, Breck, Keystone, Winter Park, Loveland and A Basin (in that order). Maybe a Vail or Beaver Creek depending on October conditions.
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Wait. However, if you just can't, Whistler is a fairly good bet for that time of year.
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Wow...now thats what I call early planning. Kudos to you, but I would wait to see what the weather outlook is as we get closer. Depending where you go, things can be very iffy.
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Google Tony Crocker early season snow.
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Not sure where you live, but this should most likely be a driving trip. Flights over thanksgiving generally are expensive and need to be booked way in advance of the time when you can have any clue where there is going to be decent snow.

Getting lodging last minute is generally not going to be a problem.

So, just plan to go skiing somewhere, and get in the car and go where the snow is when the time comes.

Our kids team does a camp in Winter Park that week. Some years the mountain is 80 percent open, some years 3 runs are. All depends.
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Killington on Thanksgiving weekend is a zoo. Too many people on too little open terrain. Scary.
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