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Saturday to Saturday in Lake Tahoe with 4 of my best buddies - what could go wrong?

Aside from a few logistical issues (missed flights, cancelled shuttles, excessive amounts of "sausage"), it was a perfect trip.

Three of us arrived to big fat snowflakes on Saturday afternoon. We loaded up on grocery's and lift tickets in Reno and "b-lined" it for Tahoe to get ahead of "Hurricane Reno" (more on this to come).

We knew that a storm was impending, we had no idea it would dump 30+ inches over the next 36 hours.

All five of us were Tahoe virgins.

Hurricane Reno:

Needless to say, Sunday was epic. We (the two of us who didn't arrive between Midnight and 4am and go straight to the bar) awoke to 15"+ of freshies. We rode up the Stagecoach lift (where we stayed) and headed up-mountain. All 5 of us differ in experience and skill so as the expression goes, "you have no friends on a powder day."

After several laps of boot-knee deep powder in the Stagecoach woods, I decided to head up mountain.

Stagecoach Woods:

The Comet and Dipper express lifts were brutal in the AM. Sky, Tamarack, North, Motts, etc. were all closed. Not many pictures on day 1, too fired up to ski.

In the afternoon, I was riding up a lift with who turned out to be our neighbors at our condo. Our neighbors were a group of older fella's who were ski patrol members in Wisconsin. They explained that there were 6 of them but three were women and ski slow. I explained that there were 5 of us guys, but 3 were women and didn't ski at all that day... We decided to brave it up the Dipper lift one more time.

On the lift ride up, they kept describing Motts Canyon, and as we exited the lift, I noticed that Motts was open. They practically forced me to check it out, and I was on my way.

I arrived to Motts Canyon gate 2 via the Milky Way Bowl about 30 minutes after it opened. It was snowing hard and the powder was literally thigh deep. I've never seen anythning like it. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the canyon, and entered every gate. WOW!

We spent the next three days at Heavenly. The runs slowly got tracked out, but the conditions were good for most of the week. Some ice/corn Thursday and Friday.

Kirkwood (AKA: The coolest place on the planet)

While partying with the locals at the Tudor House on Tuesday night, we ran into a ski-team / kindergarten friend from home whom none of us expected to see in Tahoe. It turns out he (Danny) is now an instructor/guide in Kirkwood, had Thursday off (the day we were going to Kirkwood) and would be happy to show us around.

If you're into tree's, cornice's, cliff's, or any other form of extreme terrain, Kirkwood is your place (sorry locals).

You gotta love a sign that warns "If you die, we're still gonna charge your heirs to drag your body out." That about sums up Kirkwood:


The Wall (Looking down):

The Wall (Looking Up):

The Guys:

Venue for the 2008 National Extreme Ski Competition (To Skiers Right of The Wall Express Lift):

Whale Bowl:

Kirkwood was sick. Only regret is not visiting earlier in the week to experience it with more fresh pow. But nonetheless, I feel spoiled to have been able to visit.

After skiing Kirkwood, we headed back to Heavenly. Our tank was on "E", we were in an Expedition with 5 dudes, and the local gas station pump was broken. Our petro-searching adventure brought us to the lovely town of Merklesville (after we attempted to fill up at the freakiest trailer park for $4.49 a gallon). We filled up the tank, filled up some poor Spaniards tank who only had cash (station was closed) and got back to Heavenly in time for a fantastic steak dinner at Harrah's followed by 5 hours of debauchery at Club Vex. The resultant hang-over led to a late 11am start for our last day on the mountain. Another blue sky HOT day. Snow conditions were deteriorating, I'm glad we picked the week we did!

Me making the best of snow (and air) in the terrain park:

Not bad for 1 year of Snowboarding, and first time EVER in terrain park:

"Weeeeeeeeeee... My shades are sweet, how's my hair?":

Say what you want about Heavenly, you can't touch this view!:

Another trip report by the Dirty Weekender.

4 months and counting till I call my home Boulder! Go Buffs!