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Boot adjustment - pain in front

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My boots are hitting the front of my leg right at the ankle/bend in the boot. It doesn't hurt when I put the boots on but after a day of skiing the pain is bad and skiing the next day is often very difficult. The boot can cut into the leg leaving a red mark or bruised area. I went to a ski shop last night about adjusting the boot and they suggested a heel lift, which they didn't have in stock, so I could try it. However, that sounded counter intuitive to me. I would think a heel lift would push my leg further into the pressure point that is causing the problem. After reading some of the other posts I was wondering if a toe lift might be the answer. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm going to try another ski shop this week and see what they say. Thanks.
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A heel lift would work as it would help your foot fill the cavity where the boot is over flexing and causing the pain. Sounds like a poor fit, shape, size etc. Need i suggest you go see a bootfitter, a bootfitter will always have heel lifts in stock!
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take a trail map, fold it to be 1" wide and 2-3" long, and 1/4 inch thick. Put that under your heel to try it

also check the shell fit of the boots. If they are miles to big nothing will really work that well

if a "boot fitter" doesn't have heel lifts = not good. Kinda like a surgeon that doesn't have a knife.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to a different ski shop tonite and will try your suggestions. I don't know if this matters, but I forgot to mention, that I forgot to switch my boots from walk to ski one time and found the boots more comfortable, so when I realized I left it that way the rest of the day. Not sure if that helps in analyzing problem. Also I have large calves and the boots are pretty snug on the top part/calf. I also have good arches - the place I went that didn't have heel lifts suggested an arch support - but I'm not sure that would help. I used to do ballet including on point and know my arches are very good.
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Sounds like you have the standard physiology and the ballet is conducive to such a problem.
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Update - I brought my boots to a different ski shop in the area and they grinded down the tongue on the liner because it was very hard and stiff (for free too ). I went skiing for 2 days this past weekend and they felt like totally different boots. That solved the problem. No heel lifts or anything else needed. Thanks everyone for your assistance
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