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54 year old Midwestern ski suggestions

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I have been skiing the last 4 seasons, skied 25 years before that. I am 5'7", weight is 235. I consider myself a intermediate skier, and ski 15 times a year, mainly nights, a couple 3 hours a evening. Have 2005 Atomic C9 170, Can carve pretty well. Have had some lessons. When it comes to ice or crud these skis don't seem to work well. Have started looking at new ones, since the deals are really good now. Mainly ski groomers,greens and blue. Get out west to CO. a couple times a year for 3-5 days. Here is my question and thoughts on skis. Should I go longer? or stiffer? Skis I am considering are Fischer RX Red Heats and AMC 76's in lengths of 165-170, Rossi Z5 in 170's, Volkl Tigershark 10 w/o switch and Supersport 5 in 170's.
ANY input will be appreciated. I would prefer not to go longer if I can get by with shorter ski and still get good results.
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Given your height, weight and ability I would think that 170 is probably about right in the length. I wouldn't go any shorter.

If you're mostly on mid-western groomers, I would be looking for a ski that is a little stiffer with a narrower waist .. probably in the low 70mm range. That combination will give you better control in hard snow conditions. Although you do ski CO, you'll spend more time on your skis in WI. Choose your skis for WI conditions and rent something in CO if you find you need a powder ski

You probably want something forgiving, but you don't want to short sell yourself either. Assuming your looking to improve your skills and ski experience, you want a ski that will be fun to ski today but grow with you as your skills improve.

Of the skis you listed, I think the Tigershark 10' is pretty well suited to what you'll be skiing most of the time. The Fischers are both pretty good skis, but are a little wider and are biased more toward a 50/50 application of groomed/ungroomed terrain. You might consider the RX Fire line as well (RX-6, RX-8) which are more focused on groomed terrain. Any of these skis would be a noticeable improvement over your C9's.

I found the Supersport 5* to be too soft and I think you would be disappointed in that ski. Haven't tried the Rossi, but I'm not a fan of Rossis .. so I'll let someone else comment.
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If you go with Rossi's, go with the Z9. The Z5 will be disappointing by comparison, especially in a 170. I thought the Z9 was a pretty tame ski, so you should be fine.

At 235#, 170's are kinda short unless you've got a beefy ski.
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I totally agree w/ axebiker Z9 is the way to go. I demoed the vokl and it was a nice ski but might be a little more than you are looking for. I had the Z9 for two years and skied everything on it and loved it. Demo for shure.
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