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Beginner Skis

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Okay basically I've been skiing a couple of times and I'm planning to buy myself a beginner set of skis. I'm a 5'3 girl, weighing 100 pounds, so yes, I'm very tiny. I've been looking at some junior skis at the following sites and I'm stuck between these two. Any tips on which one I should get? If not those then any others you would recommend?


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Like girls tiny, irresistible :

Don't think it really makes much difference at beginner level. Actually some of my friends got decent skis with binding off craiglist for around $70. It's a pretty good way to get by first year.

Spend your saving on boots and some cool clothing
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Try SkiDiva.com

You might post your question at http://www.theskidiva.com as well. Have fun, rickp
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Check out prices on k2 sweet luv or k2 true luv in 153. It'll probably come with a system binding which in your case is just fine. You'd have fun on those as a progressing beginner and it wont break the bank too badly. Those Rossi Scratch in 138 and Dynastar in 140 are way too short for you, and you'd have to find bindings for them anyway.
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