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Originally Posted by mdf View Post
So what is the night skiing at Brighton like? Is it worth bothering? I can see taking a dinner break and then going back out. But that would argue for lugging my own skis, since returning demos would be a problem (no time the next morning).
Actually I did that wretched excess - flew in from west coast, rented skis at the airport for day ticket at Solitude, dinner and night skiing at Brighton. I was pretty wiped by the time I got there so I bet I didn't get to all their terrain but what I covered was not great - sort of stairstep cruiser slopes a big flat in the middle. Lots of boarder and teens on twintips doing in the park / pipe. After I saw two or three collisions and injuries I figured I would be next so I knocked off around 8:00. BTW, the food at Brighton was narsty - felt like a big city bus terminal cafeteria. (OTOH there was a nice bar in a separate building where the atmosphere and I bet the food was a lot nicer so I'd eat there rather than the cafeteria given another chance.) I managed the ski rental thing by renting and returning at the airport, but you could probably do this by renting at Brighton, skiing Solitude (5 minute drive), and returning at Brighton after the evening.

Bottom line, and I'm sure UT locals have a better take on it - I'd go to Snowbasin in the first place, and just max out the day there. Solitude lifts are slow and layout complex -- not bad, just complex. Snowbasin lifts are FAST and layout is simple -- a big basin, all lifts except Strawberry feed back into the main lodge, and Strawberry access is straightforward (and well worth it). You can rent at the hill and return there. Long days now in March so maybe even they stay open a little longer? I'd bet you can get more vert in 8 at Snowbasin than 12 hours at Soli/Brighton. (And FWIW the food at Snowbasin is just outstanding.) Even if Snowbasin is "crowded" it is not crowded by eastern standards and it's only on the gondola - as someone mentioned above, the John Paul express lift is 50 feet away and goes to better terrain anyway, or get yourself over to Strawberry.
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Brighton night skiing is so worth it, but I guess I am an overaged teen on twin tips.

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Nice shots BWPA. Like I said, "I'm sure UT locals have a better take on it"! OP mdf has a nice dilemma on his hands and I hope he gets that kind of powder to complicate the decision.
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Just checked, and the moon will be full. Tempting....
Hmmm. I dont currently have clear goggles.

EDIT -- Feh. Moon doesn't rise till 9 pm. Tha'ts useless.
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SLC Demo skis

I've decided not to lug my skis hither and yon, especially since I have a tight connection heading out.

(Since we've determined I may not be insane, I am taking my boots.)

So where to get skis? I am leaning towards the CanyonSports "Cottonwood" location. I haven't googled driving directions yet, but it looks like it is nearly on the way, and it stays open till 9 pm.

Does anybody have good or bad things to say about them? Or know what they have for demo stock?

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