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Noisy eater advice needed...

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I know this is the joke forum, but this isn't a joke. (although I'm sure it will become one.)

I have a coworker in his mid-thirties who doesn't understand he should shut his mouth when eating. How do I shut him up without being the irritable office neighbor?

Oh. this is country-side Japan where it's more my problem than his.

imagine telling the hick to eat with his mouth closed when it's not as rude in hick country as where your uptight self is from. then, imagine making the request across cultures.

help please...
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You could try telling him he can better optimize the taste of the food by keeping his mouth closed while chewing it. That way the prescious flavors won't be escaping his noisy pallot.
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that's quite good, actually.
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OK Samurai, I tried to take it somewhat seriously. Let us know how it works out.

I had some graduate international management courses where similar topics were discussed along with bribes, extraterritoriality, and of course culture clash. I remember that we had to watch that stupid Michael Keaton flop "Gung Ho" about the US folks that get a Japanese company to invest in their failing car plant.

If asking him nicely and using psychology don't work, try putting krazy glue on the top of his drinking straw where his lips wrap around it
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Yeah, it's hard when there are different world-belief systems governing levels of politness and issues that drive irritability. It's just not considered rude to make noise when you eat in Japan. On the contrary, not making noise when eating noodles is considered rude. My wife and I compromise on this issue often when eating out. She knows I hate noodle shops because the clientel fricking disgust me.

So, here in my office, I have a guy that drives me nuts, yet is not disrespecting anyone. My wife told me to ask an older man to deliver the request. This way, noisy-eater will be respecting his elders and not rolling his eyes at a senpai's strange requests.

Oh... the things we battle in life, eh? It's amazing, really, that something so trivial could actually produce desires to change careers. Noisy-eaters, who'd a thunk it?

"So, why did you leave the university?"
"The guy next to me in my office kept smacking his chops to the point of making me sick."

Then again, I'd never work in an environment that allowed smoking. So, maybe I'm not that far out there.
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Your optimium decision for all the considerations you mention may be to get ear plugs to put in for his meals!
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Two words: Eye Pod
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Good suggestions. (I do both now.)
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