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As long as we have cold nights, we'll have fast hard trails in the morning.
By 10:30 AM serious warming was happening, and by 11 it was springtime.
The shady parts of Heuga, Dropoff, Belt and Wayout stayed cool until after 1 PM when I quit.

My surefoot liners died on me today, under the stress of skiing slush.
I tightened my boots down, skied, and the liners compressed. I tightened them down more, they compressed. I got to the maximum settings on my boots, and the liners compressed further, leaving my ankles, heels and shins flopping around, and my skis flailing wildly in the slush.
I got fewer than 30 days of skiing out of these pieces of <stuff>.

I've ordered some Intuition liners to replace the Surefoots.

Contrary to weather forecasts, it was SUNNY in the afternoon, and I would have gotten a burn if I'd stayed. But with the boot problems, and all, I left early and explored the backroads of Greene County.

I saw one woman with her nose covered with white zinc; just like at the beach. 121 days until the 4th of July, right?