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Question for Oboe...

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Oboe, I remember you being pretty fond of the Rossignol T-Power Cobra X. Im curious, what size are you skiing and what is your weight/height??
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Here is a picture of Oboe...

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Ya, I wish! Fortunately for me, wifey prefers less weighty, more cerebral types - like me. I weigh not less than 140 pounds and almost always never more than 145 pounds depending upon exercise, food and beer. I know that I have shrunk since college, because I now am 5'8" tall. The Rossi T-Power Cobra X I ski is the one from last year - narrower and stiffer than this year's Cobra X. I ski it in 160 cm. I also have enjoyed, very much, the K2 Mod 7/8 [this year called the Axis] in 174, but I have found that I could use less length in trees [in other places, they're just too good to be true] so I have sold the 174 cm skis and bought the exact same model [last year's model] in 167 cm. I am 60 years old. If I ever look like Hulk Hogan, it will be due to extreme radiation, cell mutation, great luck and a good script. and milesh, you GOTTA look JUST LIKE your picture - am I right?! [check the dude's profile].

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