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List of indemnified bindings?

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Is there someplace we can get a list of this year's indemnified bindings? I think it would be helpful to people who look for skis on Ebay and/or at swaps and other places.

The uninformed person tends to pick out something by physical appearance (cleanliness, etc) and doesn't always know what they should look for or even what is safe for use.

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Here's a list from last year:


I couldn't find a list for 2003/04

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Thanks AlexG.! I appreciate the link and I am certain others will as well.
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A word of caution on this indemnified list.It AIN'T GOSPEL! and shouldn't be treated as such.
There are shops that WILL NOT work on certain bindings..(some for good reason)don't sell them,can't service them.
And if they need a remount may say they don't have the jig.
Those that simply will not work on CERTAIN older bindings..and then again those that will not work on any bindings over a certain year.
Not uncommon are ski swaps that actually have accredited people there to set up,mount,adjust and test your equipment..if you bring it to sell/buy it there..WHOOPS they advertise DO NOT bring ANY equipment over 5 years old.
Some Salomon 857's are STILL indemnifed..they came out in 1989..I have seen VERY few pairs that were not/did not break.Especially the heelpieces.

Then last but not least is the ..they broke during testing..maybe they did.

I'm not OF COURSE! knocking all ski shops..or all old equipment..far from it..there are PLENTY!! of great shops..and yes too many bad ones.Still lots of good equipment..even old stuff out there.

Nor am I kncking Ebay..of course not..some GREAT! stuff/deals out there!

BUT a LOT of common sense should prevail here..gentle..maybe lighter..inexperienced skiers..on old iffy.plastic bindings..indemnified/tested or not..is one thing.

Strong,athletic,200 lb good aggressive skiers are completely another story altogether.

Believe me there is plenty of JUNK on the indemnifed list..and the opposite to some extent.Good bindings that are not on the list.

If the skier is somewhat serious about skiing unless he/she REALLY,really knows their way around bindings..I say..hey maybe 4/5/6 years..and that is old enough.6/7/8 year old bindings are obviouslly on the list..AND it sure isn't uncommon for them to break..

Sorry about the rant..I just don't want to see anyone get hurt..let alone have a binding break and end up hitting someone else.
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