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Calf cramps

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My fiancee was having a problem yesterday with her calves cramping. She's only a beginner and skis very cautiously on green runs. She also has some pain in the balls of her feet. She's in rental boots, which obviously doesn't help, but I'm wondering just what's going on here - it sounds like her boot is putting her too far forwards and out of balance to me. She has wide calves, which would be consistent with that

Any other thoughts? She's likely to buy some boots soon, so I'd like to help her understand so she knows what to look for, but I definitely don't want to misguide her.
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She needs a bootfitter. Lack of flex in the Ankle causes pain in the calf and balls of the feet. By putting a heel raiser in the boot the pressure between ball and calf will be redistributed and should diminish. An exercise programme to stretch/increase elasticity of the achillies is the long term solution as is not wearing high heels or driving too much. On a boot tip have all spoilers removed from the back of the boots to help relieve the inclined position. Any of the boot Balancing wizards should be able to help on you side of the pond and Foot beds are almost a cert tostop excessive lateral repositioning of the heel and achillies. Good luck, it shouldn't be too difficult.
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Thanks Mr Zookeeper, that mostly makes sense to me. Could you just clarify one thing - When you say lack of flex in the ankle, would that be due to being too far forward to start with, or could it also be due to too much forward lean in the boot, or could it be a combination?
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Combination, whoever see's her will start with the foot and assess Dorsiflexion and move on from there. Don't be worried about boots being too stiff, if there is a lack of flexion in the ankle it can be accomodated but a boot too soft will be worse. It's quite simple to resolve.
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