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Boot widths?

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Is it possible to generalize among the different brands of boots as to which ones tend to run narrower or wider overall? I'm on the market for new boots due to the fact that I believe my boots are too wide. Anyway, I have access to 3 shops that have good recommendations from people and I'm trying to determine which one to go to based on the brands they carry. For some brands, I've found width info on the manufacturers websites, but for these I have not found any: Nordica, Atomic, Salomon, Head. My foot is narrow/medium width and my foot moves around (kind of side to side) in my current boots which I think are 105mm wide. The ones I have now are a beginner boot, which is what I was more or less when I got them (hence the "comfort fit"). I'm not an aggressive skier and I'm pretty light weight, so I think finding a narrower boot with a lower flex index may be a challenge; It seems like the narrower boots are the advanced ones with high flex index.
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All boot manufacturers have multiple lasts, on average ranging from around 104mm down to 95mm and in around 3mm increments. Volume needs to be considered too. Don't bother yourself with which, let a bootfitter choose for you, given the correct boot for you wont feel like the correct boot until they have finished, fitting footbed liner and shell.
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