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Quick Impressions: Fischer Race SC & Head iSupershape

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Had the opportunity yesterday to try out my new Fischer Race SC's that Fischer was kind enough to send me under warranty replacement for my '06 RX-8's. Also got a run on hrstrat57's new Head Supershapes. Thought I would share some quick impressions ...

Me: 50 yo, 5'10", 180#, Level 8-ish
Conditions: A 6-8" dump on Friday left mostly groomed packed powder, with some soft loose snow along edges, some good old eastern hardpack in some of the steeps.

I was curious about the Race SC's. The dimensions are identical to the RX-8, same Railflex binding setup, same "features" for the most part. Most dealers/skiers I've spoken with say their basically the same ski. Only difference I could spot on the web site was "FT Frame" technology and "Worldcup Tuning" (gotta love the marketing guys : ).

Strapped 'em on and headed out for the first few runs. Turn shape, quickness, edge hold was all pretty much the same as the RX-8's. Same pop from the tail, but I found the tip of the ski to be slightly stiffer than the RX-8. The stiffer tips made the ski *slightly* more stable, but also *slightly* less forgiving.than the RX-8. Needed to drive the tips a bit more, but when I was on them the ski was a joy!

I haven't tried the new RX-8 Fire, but have heard some reports that the ski is softer and not as much fun as the older RX-8. RX-8 fans disappointed with the RX-8 Fire should definitely check out the Race SC!! (I've also seen much better discounts on the Race SC).

Also swapped out with hrstrat57 (nice to have the same boot size) for a run on his new Head Supershapes.

The Supershapes were solid and damp underfoot. With a 12m radius and a 66 waist these skis were mighty quick and you could rail nice short turns with ease. The conditions were pretty soft on the run I had them, but edgehold seemed appropriate for an eastern frontside ski. The ski was completely unflappable ... stable and firm whether you were aggressively cranking short radius turns or letting them rip and trying to find their limit.

My Race SC's had a little more energy and rebound (which I like), but the Supershapes would have a edge in stability in crud or chopped up snow. Both great skis, either would be a fine choice for and Eastern frontside ride.
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Fischer Race SC's

I might post a review of my new Head i supershape 170's (thanks dawg) later...but I got a huge rave here for the Fischer Race SC 170's that OES kindly let me try yesterday.

Many of you have read my comments and praise regarding my 170 and 175 RX8's in the "switched" thread .

The Race SC is a simple ski to review.

RX 8's supercharged:

They ski absolutely the same as RX8's only a bit stiffer, they simply explode out of a turn. I flat out loved em. Anyone who skis well on the RX 8 will love them. The Race SC had been a ski on my drool list with good reason....

I wanted a tighter turning radius for all that tipping I've been practicing - thus the i supershapes.

Fischer Race SC, highly recommended....5 starz!!!

Can't find any RX8's?

These are same exact shape but ski better!!

BTW, I would be very interested in trying these in 175 and 165, esp 165. I complained that the 165 RX8 has a def speed limit...much too low to satisfy me. Due to the increased stiffness these pups in a 165 might be very sweet.
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I'm knocking on 40 and weigh 150lbs. I just started racing this year after many many years of free skiing. I've been trying to push a 165 cm Nordica Dobermann Pro SL through the slalom gates this year and it's been a handful. I found a Fischer Race SC in a 160 for $350 new and raced it on Sunday. Absolute joy! It is softer and much more steerable with subtle input. I was able to get on track in gates and actually record my two best runs of the season. I'll be keeping the Nordicas for free skiing and training as they do rip some fun turns but just not the kind of turns I need for the race course. Any light skiers out there looking for a NASTAR style race ski, look no further.

I'd like to ski the Race SC back to back against Atomic's ST 12 slalom in a 160. I'm using their LT 12 for the GS races and absolutely love it.

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