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The good stuff

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Had 35 cm of wind affected powder, really nice to ski, a bit fluffy to groom in one pass though.

Hopefully more on tuesday.
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Beauty someone who is actually skiing. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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We had three inches of HAIL today. First real precip. we've had in over two months. Seeing everything blanketed in white was pretty cool. My wife started hacking on me right away because she knew I wanted to ski it!!! (and she was right)

Make some turns for me!!!!
Spag :
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Hey Ben - yes its looking good again - and the wx pattern looks fairly unsettled for the week ahead, so hopefully more to come.

I'm off to Craigieburn for the weekend, and julie from nz is at Treble Cone right now...kiwi Bears are happy bears

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So Ben Ferg is getting milk?

Way to go!
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Sounds good Ben--We had a sunny day here in Colorado. But our day will come....

Thanks for the report! I'm glad someone is getting some snow!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yup it is on the ground, a bit of wind about though. & more predicted for mid week.

I was beginning to think this season was shaping up to be a dud. Doesn't take much to turn things around.

There will be a few base shots by the end of tomorrow though, in a few places the new snow is straight on rocks.
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Just had two great days at Treble Cone on Friday and Saturday. Did not get too adventurous as I was with my 7 and 10 year old nephews, mainly stuck to the green runs. This was only their 5 and 6 th day skiing, by the end of the weekend they were asking their Mum if they could come live in Wanaka so they could go skiing more (they live a plane ride away). But when their Mum said they could go to school there too, they decided that was not such a good idea because they could only ski 2 days a week. Now they want to be ski bums when they grow up. It is so cool seeing them get so enthusiastic about skiing at that age.

Weather started to pack up Saturday evening though - got warm and windy, was 5 degrees celcius at 6 am this morning at Treble Cone. Did not go up to the field today, but fingers crossed it has not done too much damage. Was just as warm when I got home to Canterbury tonight, lot of snow has disappeared from the Southern Alps. I've only got two weekends skiing left before I go to Europe for a summer holiday, fingers crossed I'll have some snow to enjoy.
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