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Wolf Creek March 15-20 recommendations

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Looking to ski, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and possible Wednesday. Should I stay on the east side or in Pagosa Springs? If I stay at Pagosa Springs, how is that pass to get to the ski area in that time frame. Will I need 4x4?

Where to get rental equipment for 2 adults and 1 11 year old?

Where to eat?

What kinds of crowds should I expect?

Adults are Blue, some black, child was green and some blues last time.

Anything else worth driving to for 1 day such as Durango or will Wolf Creek suffice for 3 ski days.

Thanks in Advance

PS I don't care about much besides skiing, A good Pizza place or Mexican will suffice for food
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I'm far from a local expert -- I've been to Wolf C twice in 2002 (Pagosa side) and once this year (South Fork side). The driving in easier from SF side.
South Fork is a small place - only a few restaurants. The one I ate in was a steakhouse-y menu (not expected from the signage - something or other Cafe) and quite good. THe next towns are only a few miles down the (flat straight) road, though, if you want to find more options.

WC has very nice blue terrain, though it is not all that large. I would guess it would be enough to be happy for 3 days, though. Most of the skiing (by area) is advanced to expert. The intermediates I saw seemed to be having a good time. It was never crowded - essentially no lines, no congestion on the hill.

Hopefully someone with more local knowledge will expand.
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Wolf Creek is pretty low key and at the low end of the price scale commercially. The on-site rental shops are about the same as renting from Pagosa Springs, so why lug the stuff around if you don't have to. The lift lines nor trails are seldom crowded and for 3 days you'd not get tired of the place. Base Camp Lodge is designed for picnic'g, so you can bring your lunch, stuff it in one of the cubby holes and enjoy lunch there in the lodge.

There are more restaurants in Pagosa Springs than South Fork ... I'd stay in Pagosa. There's a good Tex-Mex restaurant in the shopping center on the West end of town.

From Pagosa Springs it's about 30-40 min drive, depending on road conditions, and typically the roads are driveable. We've been there before when it had dumped and the forest service req'd vehicles to have chains to cross the pass ... if cars didn't have chanins they were turned around.

We've been to Wolf Creek 5-6 times over the years and always have a fun time going there ... hope you enjoy and wish I could go too
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Pagosa is better from a nightlife, restaurant perspective. The drive up the Pass not bad from that side at all. The one thing is though, if it snows a lot and the avalanche danger goes up, that side of the pass gets closed. A lot more frequently than the east side. Typically when the pass is closed you can still drive to the ski area from South Fork. It doesn't happen often but then again it does happen. I typically stay in Pagosa when I am down there and haven't had that problem yet. I have had friends who have experienced it though.
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In the ten years we've been going to Pagosa, we've only been stuck due to avalanche once. It is indeed a formidable pass, but front wheel drive ought to do it for you. if you are nervous to start, though, you might want 4X4 if you have the option.

Pagosa has more options for lodging and eating and the hot springs than South Fork, but that's not saying much. If you are looking for a nightlife experience, you will be disappointed with either.

If you do happen to find a good restaurant in Pagosa, do let us know!
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The Pagosa Brewery was actually a fun little hang out. It's rather new, but damn the brew some good beer. There was a nice Mexican place that was on the main drag. Kind of small, but they have a bar etc. Definitely more options there than South Fork.
I agree that neither place is going to be off the hook party scene. You'll find slightly more lively places in Pagosa though.
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The locals I stayed with in Pagosa took me to Alley House, by far the best restaurant in town. The brewery is fun and the little restaurant across the parking lot has its menus on the tables and delivers.
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Thanks for the replies. I'm think I'll stay in Pagosa Springs. If the pass is closed for some reason, I'll drive over to Purgatory. Never been there, but I'm not that picky. I can have fun pretty much at any ski resort as long as theres some trees.
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